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Seekers Evolving is a beacon to those seeking to uncover their authenticity. It is a safe space to reconnect with the highest and greatest good of all that we are as a collective. Our mission here is to provide tools and opportunities for self-empowerment of the individual and the whole. We strive for these tools and opportunities to be accessible to all those who wish to seek them, and to honor the depth and complexity of our experiences.

Kari Jones, Founder 

Astronomical Clock

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all that you are


a module-style course developed

by the founder, Kari

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Rare Offerings

Uncover what makes Seekers Evolving unparalleled.

timeline healing & unification

"beyond next level"

This service is powerful, and by definition is meant to change the course of your soul path. It is not to be booked lightly, but if it calls to you, then it is likely that your soul has chosen to participate in the service before you were even born.

exploratory attunement mentorship

"a priceless opportunity"

This healing and mentorship service is both unique and multifaceted in that it will never be facilitated the same way for two people. That is because, no two people connect to energy and utilize it in the exact same way - or they shouldn’t.

What's New

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This service provides empowerment through knowledge retrieval and reclamation. Provide the topic you wish to uncover and I will incorporate whatever tools and mediums needed to relay what your soul and your spirit team want you to know about it


In this course, you will delve deeper into the nature of liminality within you, and within your practice, and be empowered with information and techniques for amplifying your energy and what you can do with it.

bridging the liminal independent study: empowering your spiritual practice

Collab Favorites

Uncover some of our collaborations which became permanent.

Tree Stump

Connecting to Gaia & the Hidden Powers of Grounding


Gaia Connection Oil

want to engage in collaborative creativity & be in the healer spotlight?

open to all kinds of healers! healing is not limited to energy work; healing can take place in a variety of professions and hobbies, such as tarot reading, self-help coaching, art, writing & more!

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Kari Jones

Kari is the founder of Seekers Evolving and the empowering catalyst for the work done from this central point. "Kari’s soul has evolved through this lifetime and many others to be perfectly equipped to found Seekers Evolving."


Cahira the Divine

Cahira is a powerful energy healer and energy reader part of the Seekers Evolving team. "Cahira the Divine is a multi-talented diviner and healer. While she works full time in the mental health field, she also incorporates a strong spiritual perspective in her day-to-day experiences."

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