meet the founder & seeker of seekers


Kari Jones

Kari’s soul has evolved through this lifetime and many others to be perfectly equipped to found Seekers Evolving. In essence, she is an eternal student and teacher. She is also a master weaver of energy and dimensions, able to work between and across layers in a way that profoundly amplifies and aligns any workings undertaken. Her purpose will continuously evolve as her self-exploration and commitment to seeking truth evolves. Her gift of transcribing complex thoughts and energetic imprints into prose will facilitate knowing in others and herself. Her ability to reflect and engage with individuals that are separate from her soul group, allows her to come face to face with other parts of herself and her compassion for the shadow. It’s the pain, and more so the emptiness she experienced, that triggered the drive for connectedness and rapture of herself. This will be a gift for relaying tools for evolution for those that seek it. Seekers Evolving is a tool of change within communities that are distant from (but seeking) the truth of their selves. So it is.

Channeled Via The Akashic Records



When I started out in 2011 with my first spiritual awakening I began working consciously with simple energy healing and eclectic witchcraft practices, I never imagined that it would evolve into where I am today. From 2011-2016 I attended college to receive my Bachelor of Psychology with a double concentration in Counseling/Clinical and Integrative Healthcare. I was introduced to a professor there that opened my eyes to alternative medicine and shifted my perspective about the possibilities of healing and reality. I went through cycles during my spiritual development and slowly became wiser and more adept at using energy to bridge the spiritual and material world. This included battling, running away from, and eventually embracing my shadow side; and also included exploring and building an understanding of energetic hygiene, spellwork, and intuitive energy self-healing methods. I also began working in the mental health field as a registered Qualified Mental Health Provider (QMHP).


At the start of 2020, I began shifting my personal practices into workings for friends and loved ones through folk healing products, intention infused creations, as well as subtle energy workings. I also realized that I had a knack for sharing the information I had learned over the years with others; and that the more I taught, the more I learned, and the more that I felt at home in my practices. I had a profound vision in meditation one day in April, 2020 that sparked a search for a name to define what I'd uncovered, which I would later find to be The Akashic Records, or Soul Records. This was the start of a second spiritual awakening, which led to receiving a Light Body Activation in June 2020 that launched me into a much more advanced form of astral travel and energy healing. Not long after strengthening these energetic muscles, I realized I was being led to do more, and it was revealed to me in a series of channelings and an Akashic Bodywork Session by Sarah that I was attuned to an ancient modality called Energy Weaving. This rapid development of events lead to my foundation as an Energy Weaver, Channeler, and the Founder of Seekers Evolving.


Since then, the integration of energy healing and witchcraft has been ever-evolving in my life. This has inspired my passion to seek knowledge from unexpected places and to share my perspectives with others. It is my hope that my role as the founder of Seekers Evolving will help others to find peace-of-mind and self-empowerment in order to confidently seek out their own unique paths in perfect alignment with the highest and greatest good of all.