seekers evolving
uncovering authenticity

Seekers Evolving is a beacon to those seeking to uncover their authenticity. It is a safe space to reconnect with the highest and greatest good of all that we are as a collective. Our mission here is to provide tools and opportunities for self-empowerment of the individual and the whole. We strive for these tools and opportunities to be accessible to all those who wish to seek them, and to honor the depth and complexity of our experiences.
~ Kari Jones, Founder 

What does "Uncovering Authenticity" mean at Seekers Evolving?

Uncovering Authenticity means finding the most genuine and core parts of something or someone that exist underneath programming, distortions, and disconnections. It is returning to truth in order to expand in truth. This concept applies to the exploration of ideas and experiences, as well as with healing. Uncovering Authenticity is a core tenant within all contracts made between the founder and the Akashic Records when preparing services, classes, and products to be offered at Seekers Evolving, it is what ensures that all that exists through Seekers Evolving remains in perfect alignment with the highest and greatest good of all involved. 

How does Seekers Evolving honor my soul path?

This shop does not honor your soul path in the way that one might typically imagine but as an outcome of the manner in which you seek and in which Seekers Evolving will teach you along with others. Your energy across lifetimes has always searched for connections and growth and has been drawn to the touch of energy within plants, earth, and water, as well as air and spirit. As with all souls. But in this lifetime your soul yearns for connection to others through physical and energetic sources. To connect with others and learn through teaching and sharing. Of being a servant to yourself and to the collective. You have chosen to be a part of this current droplet in time because of the mass awakenings occurring in this timeline. You seek to use your journey of connectedness to reach others during this mass initiatory experience and bring comfort, confidence, and the tools to seek truth for themselves. In doing so, you will evolve and grow alongside the collective. This shop will serve as a conduit to this interconnectedness and will evolve and grow as you and your soul group will evolve. This is only the start, but it is a moment that will be recalled as a catalyst for healing and outreach to come. So it is so.