Brand Expansion Consultations

20-30 Minutes

Note: the $15 will be put toward any future session regarding brand expansion.

These consultations are live discussions done over zoom to figure out if we're a good fit to work with each other. These can be beneficial to answer questions revolving around:

  • learning about me, my background & my values

  • questions about my experience & credibility

  • discussing what you're looking for

  • asking more specific questions about what I can do/what I have done

  • questions about my portfolio

  • discussing payment plans or a bartering system*

  • if you need adaptations for accessibility in any way*

  • discussing if I can do what you're looking for or if you should be referred elsewhere

  • if we're a match, we'll schedule another session to begin discussing the project & pricing

  • I am also willing to TEACH you how to do these things for yourself! However, if you don't have time or are more numbers-oriented or organization-oriented, I can handle the creative design aspect of your business to appeal to your clientelle.

  • My free advice: DON'T neglect the visual and creative aspect of your business. This is what draws in customers!

So, what do I do?

Concept Execution:

  • You have an idea but are wondering how to bring it to life

  • Brainstorming business names

  • Brainstorming offering names

  • Brainstorming business themes, ie, The Treehouse as the space, the branches as categories, the foliage as individual offerings

  • Bringing your brand to life by choosing a theme, colors, fonts & more to create your perfect aesthetic that represents you and your work

Graphic Design:

  • I create graphics for a specific service, social media post, or infographic that illuminates the aesthetic of your brand

  • I design unique graphics that showcase your work & make your social media pop while still looking professional and on brand

  • Why are graphics so important? You display your brand through visuals as that's the first thing people notice via social media. 

Product Photography:

  • I use a Nikon D3200 and a light box, perfect for smaller products, such as candles, skincare, jewelry, etc.

  • I have a range of props to support and highlight the main product

  • I take clean, professional shots & edit them to bring out the colors of the product

  • Having professional product photos will make all the difference when distinguishing and drawing in customers across social media

Website Design:

  • With your insight, I design the perfect space that represents your corner of the internet & what you want to offer to the world

  • I categorize offerings into appropriate themes and/or highlight best sellers, unique offerings, new offerings, etc.

  • I match your webspace to the aesthetic of your brand and bring to life the style that will draw in your perfect customers

  • I use design to present your website as clean, organized & professional to look attractive to potential clients

  • I primarily work with Wix but can also work with other platforms

  • View my work by looking through Seekers Evolving; almost everything was designed by myself and new pages will be added soon as the site is expanding

Digital Art/Social Media Avi:

  • We discuss the colors, themes and aspects you want included in a social media avi either for a personal or business account

  • You send me a picture of yourself to act as a baseline for the portrait to be expanded upon

  • I am in the flow while creating digital art and so am partially channeling the most aligned portrayal to be created

  • Or I consciously connect with your Divine Team to receive guidance for the creation of the portrait

  • This portrait will reflect you and your brand in a unique style to draw attention across your social media accounts & draw in aligned clients while repelling misaligned clients

  • Can be energy-infused with extra intention of your choosing, such as energetic protection for your account, etc

This consultation is NOT:

  • me giving you business advice

  • me giving you creative advice

  • us discussing creative ideas for your business

  • me teaching you how to do creative services

  • a brainstorming session to begin the creative process

Once booked, you will receive a zoom link to be accessed at the set day and time. Please note in the booking form what it is you'd like to cover in the consultation. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please let us know 48 hours in advance.