Bridging the Liminal Course

Empowering Your Spiritual Practice

An Independent, Downloadable Course

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Become certified in liminal energy techniques!

Learn how to amplify the power of energy work by embracing and utilizing the power of physical tools and astral techniques! This is the magic of the liminal space; it bridges the physical and the ethereal. Navigate energy techniques on various dimensional levels with this one-of-a-kind independent course, curated specifically for your needs.


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Teacher, Mentor, Energy Weaver, Light Body Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Registered QMHP


"For me, the integration of energy healing and witchcraft has been ever-evolving in my life. This has inspired my passion to seek knowledge from unexpected places and to share my gifts with others. It is my hope that my role as the founder of Seekers Evolving will help others to find peace-of-mind and self-empowerment in order to confidently seek out their own unique paths in perfect alignment with the highest and greatest good of all."                                                                          -- Kari, Founder

What You Get with This Downloadable Class:

  • 122 pages of lesson material

  • Exclusive Channeled Interviews and Guidances

  • 6 informational/anecdotal videos

  • 4 audio guided demos

  • 3 ritual guides

  • 4 Supplemental Documents for Additional Personalization

  • Curated list of Recommended Resources for Expanding your Perspectives

  • Full Lifetime Access to All Materials

  • Certificate of Completion

What You Learn with This Class:

  • How to have a stronger relationship with your intuition

  • How to connect with your spirit team

  • How to connect with your highest self

  • How to connect with the different parts of yourself (ie, shadow self)

  • How to connect with soul family from other dimensions

  • How to connect with ancestors

  • How to safely work with energy in your own authentic way

  • How to work with energy in a way that honors your relationship with the world around you

  • How to create your own rituals

  • How to safely astral travel

  • How to create an altar

  • How to create an astral office 

Read more in the course description below.

Who This Class is For:

  • This course is great for those tip toeing into the energetic, the spiritual, or just curious about unknown possibilities

  • The beginner energy worker

  • The beginner witch

  • Those who learn well independently

  • Those who like to take their time learning & go at their own pace

  • Those who enjoy description and the "why" behind things

  • It provides opportunities and stepping stones to shape a more nuanced and ‘advanced’ approach to energy work that are perfect for those of all experience levels

Some Reviews from Past Students:

"My favorite and most beneficial course I've ever taken. The organization and thought that went into the curriculum is evident and Kari's teaching style is unmatched. I felt so safe and supported in this class and the skills I learned here will be ones I use for the rest of my life. I recommend this course to anyone at any level."

"This class was amazing for looking at the ways that physical life and objects can be used in conjunction with astral or energetic practices. There's not enough emphasis on still embracing physical and witchy practices alongside energetic practices and this course bridges them perfectly. Kari is an amazing teacher and I can't wait to learn from her again."

"Kari's courses have been amazing to take, it's a whole package deal...Would highly recommend, you won't be disappointed."

"This class has been amazing. I have felt more connected and in tune with my own energy and have felt so empowered to work on my own. I have a habit of seeking knowledge from others, but Kari's course has empowered me to turn within and ask myself. Not only does she provide clear information, clarification, and easy activities, she also empowers you to your own birth right. I am so grateful I took this course. Highly recommend!"

Class Description

This Course was dreamed up as a way to honor the gifts I have expanded upon over many lifetimes in amplifying my transformative power through the weaving of liminal energy. In essence, this means empowering multidimensionality in everything I do, with intention and conscious awareness on varying dimensional levels. I am both an eclectic witch and an energy healer, though to me the two practices are one and the same, and this is part of what makes me an Energy Weaver. Since my spiritual awakening in this life, I have always seen discord and separation between the witchcraft community and the spiritual community, a rift I hope to ease. Because in truth, we are all more powerful and more in sync with the multidimensionality of our truth when we integrate all levels of our being into our spiritual practice. We exist on the physical, and we exist in the astral (and all dimensions in between), so why not honor that more fully?

In this course, you will delve deeper into the nature of liminality within you, and within your practice, and be empowered with information and techniques for amplifying your energy and what you can do with it. I aim to encourage new ways of thinking and exploring your capabilities. You do not have to have any energy attunements or activations to explore this course (but of course those who do are always welcome), this will be about empowering that which is already accessible within your soul essence. While this is listed as Beginner - Intermediate level, I welcome anyone who feels called to this course. I firmly believe that we should always be seeking knowledge and opportunities to grow. This course is not like anything you've taken before.