Core Tree Expansion Embodiment

1 hr

Duration: 1-1.5 Hours

Performed by Tori

Facilitated: Either Live or Remotely depending on preference

Modalities to be used: Light Body, sun/golden energy, Gaia energy, Akashic Light, Tree energy, Elemental energy, Source energy, Flower of Life, Core Energetic Tree, Seed of Life, divine fire, etc.


This service combines both empowerment through a tree essence reading and healing by highlighting the magic held within you. We unblock potential hidden by a limited view while also strengthening the foundation upon which you stand. We'll heal the cracks in your foundation that prevent you from continued expansion into empowerment and integrate the bright possibilities held within your energy body. This service will aid in bringing to life your truest potential just waiting to be realized.

This healing is conducted with both a reading and informational portion as well as a healing portion. The reading aspect is conducted similarly to a Tree Essence Guidance Reading where I psychically look at your essence in the form of a tree and relay insight and advice based on what I'm seeing of your foundation and potential. I may also feel called to pull cards for added context or for extra advice from your divine team. Throughout the reading portion, healing work will also be conducted with the aforementioned energy modalities. I work specifically with your personal core energetic tree, also sometimes known as the "Tree of Life", and temporarily activate it for the healing if it is not already permanently activated to conduct this healing. Your core energetic tree is a bridge between your physical and energy body as I understand it, which is why it works on such a powerful level for this type of healing, in bridging your potential held within your energy body to more consciously connect with it.


This healing work will address:

  • Removing anything keeping you from recognizing and fully living in your unique truth, such as foreign energy, conditioning, programming, distortions and more as is in alignment at that time.

  • Strengthening your core foundation and healing any "cracks" in the foundation of who you are so that you can be more firmly planted in your truth and expand safely from this point.

  • Ensuring that you are being nurtured and "watered" through aligned avenues and by that which inspires you and uplifts you, rather than that which drains you or isn't true to who you are. Essentially, addressing any "rotten roots". 

  • Once the core has been addressed, I then begin to more directly connect your core to that which is an extension of your core, your true & infinite potential. This potential is found within your energy body and I integrate this potential so that you may be more consciously aware of everything you are capable of.

  • This healing will also trigger massive downloads in the integration period for how you should expand, whether that is trying a new idea, starting a new business, launching a new product, learning something new, suddenly being aware that you're able to draw, feeling called to try a new hobby, etc. 

  • Because of this, it is recommended that you take some time throughout the integration period, maybe 2-3 times, to sit quietly and set the intention to receive any new ideas or downloads about where and how you can expand. Be receptive to the ideas which will flow in and perhaps take notes of what comes to mind. This could also naturally happen within another meditative space or when going to bed at night. 

While this healing will assist in illuminating your core truth and how you can more fully embody this truth, that doesn't mean this truth has to look or be one type of way or that this healing will dictate the entirety of your truth. This healing will provide a space for us both to uncover more aspects of the truth of who you are while always leaving room for you to further explore your truth on your own and for the expression of this truth to grow over time. There is always room for expansion for an infinite being such as yourself.

Who is this healing for?

  • For those experiencing some kind of creative or self block

  • For those wanting to learn more about themselves

  • For those wanting to embody their truth more fully

  • For those wanting to try new things but not knowing how to do so

  • For those looking for inspiration in their life, their fashion, their business, their work, etc.

Considerations before booking:

  • Your light body will be temporarily activated for the healing unless already permanently activated

  • Your core energetic tree will be temporarily activated for the healing unless already permanently activated

  • You may feel sensations during or while the healing is integrating such as tingling in the body or aura, headaches, heat in the body, pressure in the head or in another body part, emotional release through crying or another form, locational temporary pain, ringing in the ears, shivers, feeling suddenly tired or energetic, feeling randomly called to express yourself through dance, song or another form, etc.

  • If any physical sensations persist, please refer to a trusted medical professional. This healing is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to replace professional or medical advice.  

To prepare for this service:

  • Stay hydrated on the day of the healing and throughout the integration period, bring water to the session

  • Have a preferably comfortable & quiet space to be in to receive the healing

  • Do not use alcohol or recreational drugs the day of the healing (Plant medicine that is used safely for well-being can be an exception as feels right for you)

  • Limit caffeine use the day of

If booked remotely:

  • The same guidelines above apply for best integration of healing

  • You will receive a video recording within 72 hours of scheduled session to email given at check-out

  • Refrain from strenuous activities during the time of the booked session, although I will set the intention for the healing to integrate while you sleep the night of