custom altar broom

This listing is for a custom made altar broom. These brooms are a collaboration between myself and source, guided into creation through a series of channelings and inclusion of an intricate form of energy weaving. Each broom is created while I am in a form of trance, in a space filled with akasha energy, and am in the flow of divine creation. I am guided to colors and items for each broom that are meant to create a unique vibration that will resonate with its future owner. The act of creating the brooms are in essence a form of energy weaving, though there is also another layer of intentional energy weaving carried out on the astral layer of the item. Once completed, the broom is connected with a guardian spirit that is linked to the frequency of the broom. Once you have chosen the broom that resonates with you and it arrives to your home, there will be a short incantation to recite that will activate the broom and its guardian to its designated space. This creates a sacred bond between your energy, the guardians, and that of the space it is placed in. Energy weaved vines will extend from the bristles in the broom and extend throughout the designated space and into the earth beneath, transforming into roots and grounding the energy of the space energetically. The guardian will tend to the vines and roots, supporting in a symbiotic manner to aid in the energetic health of the space. If seeking to clear stagnant energy in a space (perhaps when modifying your altar for a coming season, after having visitors, or after experiencing a difficult day) simply take the broom and gently sweep it over the space (it does not have to physically touch the space!) and visualize the act of sweeping sending any foreign energy down the roots to be cleared. Sometimes I’ll see my guardian with a dustpan on the floor “poofing” the energy away! But any visualizations that occur to you are completely valid! You will find that once the broom enters your home, you will intuitively know how best to use it for your needs. And if you have any questions, please feel free to message me at !