Embracing Infinite Expansion with
the Light Body

Light Body, Flower of Life & Tree of Life


  • 6 Weeks

  • Starts 8/10 through 9/18

  • 2 Weekly Zoom Lives (tuesdays & saturdays) with Written Lesson Plans

  • Weekly Fun & Unique Demos to Show & Practice

  • Forum Style, at the Treehouse

  • Includes Light Body, Tree of Life and Flower of Life Activations

  • Price Varies between $315-425 depending on needed attunements(payment plans available)

Price Breakdown

  • $315 Starting

  • $40 for TOL/FOL Activation

  • $70 for Light Body Activation

  • $425 Max Price

Collab Bundle Deal with Mars Musacchia

  • Book Mars for a Discounted Light Body Activation of $99

  • Get $35 off my Light Body Course

  • Receive an EXTRA Seed of Life attunement for FREE

  • Valid thru 8/10, One-of-a-Kind, Not to be renewed








I will be doing a screening alongside my Records of each potential student to ensure your activation of light body or a modality if you say you’ve gotten one before. Unfortunately, I’ve had students come to me before who were not actually light body activated when they thought they were and I want to ensure everyone’s safety and fullest potential in this class!

Class description:

This course was born from a desire to guide others to empowerment in showing how to heal themselves, uncover their truth, & freely explore their potential, all while embracing the joy of the journey by building a solid and safe foundation to expand as their soul calls. This course is meant to be a reclamation of power and of self through gentle nudges of self-exploration. And in this self-exploration, there is inevitably found a calling to explore oneself in relation to the world around them. Not only do we teach how to build a relationship with oneself when traversing and expanding, we teach how to build healthy, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with clients, people, plants, animals, spirits, Gaia and even beings which extend beyond this planet. We feel this to be especially important within the energetic healing world and stress the importance of focusing on your physical body and existence in order to embrace the full spectrum of who you are to provide a sturdy foundation for infinite expansion. How can a tree grow if it is not first rooted and nurtured in the soil?


In this course, we teach light body alongside the energetic modalities of flower of life and tree of life with a focus on embodiment and using what is learned to assist in supporting yourself, the environment and the earth. Not only do we teach light body alongside various powerful energetic healing tools and modalities, we teach Akashic Records access as an important aspect of safely using light body. This is meant to be an intensive light body course for those who learn best in a hands-on environment where they can receive direct guidance and teacher feedback while still having the freedom to alter or build off of the tools and teachings in a way that inspires. This course is for all levels of light body work. We expand on foundational aspects in a way that even the most practiced light body worker can walk away with new knowledge while still offering ways to safely & excitingly use advanced & unique tools for beginners.

Questions that can assist in knowing if this course is for you:

  • Do you want to learn how to use and understand light body?

  • Do you want to become empowered in learning how to self-heal?

  • Do you want to learn how to thoroughly cleanse, protect and discern your own energy?

  • Do you wish to become more confident in your channeling skills?

  • Do you desire to learn how to work with energy in a way that feels right for you?

  • Do you want to learn how to access & work with your Akashic Records in a safe and empowering way?

  • Do you want to learn basics for being a practitioner? (note: this is not specifically a practitioner course, however I give advice and teachings for what to know if you decide to become one or if you are one, especially for LB)

  • Do you have a passion for the health of the earth?

  • Do you want to learn how to safely astral travel?

  • Do you want to learn how to more healthily engage with fellow earthly inhabitants especially in an energetically healing environment?

  • Do you want to learn how to more healthily and safely engage with energetic beings and beings beyond this physical realm?

  • Do you want to learn how to heal the earth energetically?

  • Are you committed to maintaining safe learning environments?

  • Do you thrive in a hands-on environment?

  • Do you prefer face-to-face learning interactions? (over zoom)

  • Are you excited at the idea of exploring more of who you are and what you can do?

  • Are you excited at the idea of exploring infinite existence?

  • Are you excited at the idea of going where you’ve never gone before?

  • Do you wish to learn more about your soul lineage, knowledge and skills?

  • Do you find yourself inspired by ideas you’ve never thought of or explored before?

  • Do you enjoy the freedom of experimenting?

  • Are you passionate about healing in a way that is safe for all individuals?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, this class may just be perfect for you. We welcome all reachers, expanders and explorers.

To book, email info@seekersevolving.com or priestessvibe@gmail.com. Payment plans available.

Course Outline

New Flowers


"This course was very well thought out and came from a nuanced but realistic perspective. Tori does a great job of providing a safe and warm learning environment, while staying true to core ethics and values that are empowering and honor a diverse range of students. I felt inspired throughout the entirety of the course, and even though I already utilize the light body in my own work, I still found that the information in this class expanded my own perspective. I felt excited by each of the demo's, and the introduction to pen pal beings in one of the demo's is priceless. This class perfectly takes you from introductory material, to getting your toe's wet, to more intermediate level concepts and techniques, leaving off with some more advanced uses of light body. She does this in a way that allows you to navigate the experience at your own comfort level, while leaving opportunities and insights that you will want to come back to over time as you advance. The great thing about this class is that it is truly perfect for students of all skill levels, there's something for everyone. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their energy healing skills to the next level!"