energy-empowered oils

These oils are empowered with a range of energy infusion techniques. To include: smoke cleansing, force of will charging, individually empowering herbs and oils for dedicated purposes, cleansing & charging crystal chips with dedicated intentions, working with flower of life and tree of life grids to fortify, amplify, and ground the energies of the oils and bottles, sigils included in labels to empower alignment with the highest and greatest good, lunar energy infusion, energy weaving to further amplify and maintain the energy of the oils for their dedicated purposes, and the use of other energies like Source or Gaia energy to add additional support and infusion of energy as needed for different oils.

These oils are excellent for use with the following: to dress candles that are used for resonant purposes, to include into spiritual baths, to add into other oils or magical workings as relevant, to bless sacred tools (be sure that the tools are safe for contact with oil), to add onto physical energy points for integration of energy into the energy body, rubbing into your hands before doing energy work to amplify and aid in the workings, and other methods as inspired.

The herbs, oils, & crystals included are organic and ethically sourced (as accessible). As this business grows we are looking into more ethically sourced label and glass bottle options.

These oils are meant for topical use ONLY. 

Please read individual descriptions and info sections for more details about the specific oil gifts and recommendations.

This energy infused oil was created as an impactful aide for helping tapping into self-love and empowerment.


This oil is incredible for aiding with your grounding practice, and will support you with rooting yourself into Gaia energy more deeply and with more ease.


The energy of this oil is intended to strengthen the users' connection to their divine and benevolent team in a way that serves the highest and greatest good.