Expanding Consciousness

Illuminating All that You Are

A Dynamic, Module Style Course


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Become certified in advanced consciousness techniques!

Deep dive into the complexities of consciousness, energy, dimensional theory, and personalizable techniques for exploring your infinite potential.


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Teacher, Mentor, Energy Weaver, Light Body Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Registered QMHP


"For me, the integration of energy healing and witchcraft has been ever-evolving in my life. This has inspired my passion to seek knowledge from unexpected places and to share my gifts with others. It is my hope that my role as the founder of Seekers Evolving will help others to find peace-of-mind and self-empowerment in order to confidently seek out their own unique paths in perfect alignment with the highest and greatest good of all."                                                                          -- Kari, Founder

What You Get with the Modules:
*actual assortment will vary by module based on the content discussed*

  • 20-100 pages of lesson material

  • Exclusive Channeled Interviews and Guidances

  • Informational/anecdotal videos

  • Audio-guided demos

  • Interactive Opportunities for Integrating and Personalizing

  • An Energetic Harmonization session customized to the lesson content and activities to help you get the most out of it.

  • A Wisdom Exchange session for one-on-one mentorship and guided exploration of the techniques learned

  • Access to an exclusive Discord Server to chat with other Expanding Consciousness Students and Kari about the material

  • Full Lifetime Access to All Materials

  • Certificate of Completion

What You Learn with These Modules:

  • How consciousness works on an energetic and structural level

  • How to personalize your own consciousness experience and tap into the infinite possibilities

  • Dimensional Theory and the Safe Navigation of Dimensions

  • Safety and Ethics of Consciousness work

  • How to Channel and communicate with the multifaceted self, and the infinite array of other consciousnesses

  • An exclusive channeled technique for accessing the Akashic Records not taught anywhere else

  • A deep dive into working with the Akashic Records

  • Astral travel and intergalactic exploration

  • Navigating the cultures of other consciousness beings

  • Energy Healing from a Consciousness perspective

  • A multitude of techniques and activities for expanding your consciousness in a safe, personal, and empowering way

Read more in the course description below.

Who This Class is For:

  • Those who are ready to take their spiritual growth to a more advanced or nuanced level

  • Those who want to expand into practitioner work with the foundations for understanding the work they do

  • Those who are already practitioners and want to deepen their understanding of the techniques and concepts they use - or simply enjoy learning from other perspectives

  • Those who enjoy description and the "why" behind things

  • Those who have struggled with techniques like channeling or astral travel and want to better understand how those concepts work

  • Those wanting to work with the akashic records in a more advanced way for self-exploration and work with others.

Some Reviews from Students of Past Classes:

"My favorite and most beneficial course I've ever taken. The organization and thought that went into the curriculum is evident and Kari's teaching style is unmatched. I felt so safe and supported in this class and the skills I learned here will be ones I use for the rest of my life. I recommend this course to anyone at any level."

"This class was amazing for looking at the ways that physical life and objects can be used in conjunction with astral or energetic practices. There's not enough emphasis on still embracing physical and witchy practices alongside energetic practices and this course bridges them perfectly. Kari is an amazing teacher and I can't wait to learn from her again."

"Kari’s commitment to spiritual hygiene and the importance she places on grounding, protections, and awareness are unmatched. She’s the only practitioner I trust to do work for me, and the skills and knowledge she’s passed down to me in her classes for my own practices have changed the way I work with energy for the betterment of all forever. I’ve spent a lot of time undoing shoddy work and teachings from other practitioners who were lacking in these areas, and finding someone whose work I know is solid is absolutely invaluable. I enrolled in this class a year after a traumatic experience with another practitioner’s Akashic Records class which left me feeling completely unable and unworthy of accessing my records. Kari gave me the confidence and skills I needed to feel safe and capable of accessing my records, which I now do with no issues. And her foundational practices helped me understand why my former instruction was deeply flawed, unsafe, and unethical, and in no way a reflection of my own worthiness or abilities. Kari is an incredibly gifted teacher and all-around beautiful person. I am so thankful for her and this class and recommend it with my whole heart."

Class Description


The perfect mixture of Independent Learning, Mentorship, and Energy Work. An infusion of learning that is built off of the consciousness theory and perspective of mediumship curated by Kari Jones, The Energy Weaver, while empowering and amplifying your personal perspective through 1-1 guidance and practice sessions. Master the art of seeking and exploring your consciousness, and how to weave your consciousness safely throughout dimensional layers in order to utilize techniques for mediumship, channeling, akashic records work, astral travel, and more. This intensive and transformative course is facilitated via modules that are purchased one-by-one, to encourage you to learn at your own pace to build your own consciousness practice. Expanding Consciousness will feature exclusive channeled content from Kari's work with The Akashic Records, The Primordial Source, and other consciousnesses like The Architects, various spiritual teachers, and intergalactic beings to provide a diverse array of perspectives and unique insights into the topics and the inner workings of the universe.

Each Module includes a self-activated Energetic Harmonization facilitated by Kari to aid in the the ability to integrate the information presented and utilize the techniques provided. Each module also includes a 90-minute Wisdom Exchange session (regularly $80/60min) for personalized one-on-one mentorship to discuss the content, answer your questions, inspire new questions, and in some modules participate together in practice demos of the module activities. Enrollment also includes access to an exclusive Discord Server to chat with other Expanding Consciousness Students and Kari about the material. 

Please Note: Each module will cost $175, and must be purchased individually. You must wait a minimum of 3-weeks in between each module to ensure adequate time for processing the module content, the integration opportunities, and the energetic harmonization. Enrollment in the next module will be discussed in the Wisdom Exchange session or via email prior to completion of the previous module. Modules can be purchased through a payment plan via Klarna at checkout, or by contacting info@seekersevolving.com to discuss alternate payment plan options.

Module Overview:


Module One: Defining Consciousness

Get curious about the meaning of consciousness, its construct, and what that means to you. Begin learning about the concept of mediumship, and the broader sense of consciousness exchange as it relates to Dimensional Theory.


Module Two: The Safety and Ethics of Expanding Consciousness

What are ethics? Morals? Why do they matter? Explore these concepts more in depth, and find your own answers. Read a channeled evaluation of Discernment, and develop your own personal safety protocols for navigating your expanding consciousness process.


Module Three: The Movement of Consciousness

With the foundations in place, it’s time to begin navigating the actual concepts and techniques of expanding consciousness in their core application. Begin stretching your consciousness muscles through targeted methods and a deepening of the concepts that govern over the movement of consciousness.


Module Four: Introducing You to Yourself

Begin expanding your consciousness through the infinity of your own multifaceted selves. Start applying your understanding of dimensional theory through self discovery, and get introduced to more active forms of consciousness exchange.


Module Five: Tapping into The Infinity of Knowledge

Begin deepening your connection to yourself, and beyond what you thought of your own knowledge - through a deep dive into working with The Akashic Records - or the Soul Records.


Module Six: Exploring the Makeup of All That Is

Take a step further into your understanding of Universal Mechanisms and the construct of the intergalactic and spirit realms. Take your consciousness for a test drive through the experience of astral travel with the developed understanding of how it works and the unique techniques for exploring it safely and clearly.


Module Seven: Interacting with the Multitudes

Take consciousness exchange to a more interactive level through the exploration of engaging with other consciousnesses existing beyond our physical reality. Find out how to translate more effectively, and how to navigate ‘cultural’ differences across dimensions and realms.

Module Eight: Healing & Unexpected Transformation

Find out how the process of energy healing works from a consciousness perspective, and learn the foundations of energy manipulation for the purpose of healing and transformation. Get inspired about curating this process for your own unique perspective.