Exploratory Attunement Mentorship

Service Details:

Energy Exchange: $555

Facilitated: via Zoom Live

Duration: 1-2 hours, over the course of 1-3 sessions, as determined by the practitioner.

Modalities/Energy to be Used: Akashic light, Energy Weaving, the Light Body, Source energy, Dragon Energy, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Various Grid Energies, and more as are uniquely needed.


Channeled Description via The Akashic Records:


This healing and mentorship service is both unique and multifaceted in that it will never be facilitated the same way for two people. That is because, no two people connect to energy and utilize it in the exact same way - or they shouldn’t. For this service, the recipient will be asked to prepare 10-15 words/phrases that best define what they wish to incorporate into their ideal modality, though we highly recommend the individual meditating & perhaps connecting with their divine & benevolent team when choosing them.


This healing is broken up into two separate sessions to safely, deeply, and effectively attune the recipient to their ideal method of working with energy that most closely aligns with both their free soul and their true soul. (their consciousness as it exists beyond this physical plane and lifetime, and their physical and conscious capabilities on this realm.) To include elements from other lifetimes as well as current life gifts.


In the first session, the practitioner will be reading the history of the recipients soul via the Akashic Records for insight on experiences with energy across soul lineage. The practitioner will simultaneously be facilitating an energy weaved healing to remove any blockages or contract adjustments that are needed to realign with the energy modality & be ready to utilize it. Depending on the individual there may be a blending of multiple modalities to create the ideal modality for the recipient, or a reintroduction to an old modality used in the past. The practitioner will facilitate the necessary energetic awakenings in the recipients energy body to begin attuning the recipient to the energy modality. (All recipients, if not already introduced, will be provided with any contract adjustments needed to access their akashic records for safe integration and utilization of their unique energy modality).


In the second session, the practitioner will be pulling together any remaining information or energetic attunements necessary to prepare the recipient for utilizing the energy modality to the best of their ability. For some, there may be follow-up healings or attunements to energy needed that could not be safely integrated in the first session. For others, it may be more information based and/or provide an opportunity for the recipient to ask questions about the practical application of the energy modality or address any concerns or related curiosities around the modality. 


After each session, the recipient will receive guidances for how to safely & effectively begin integrating and utilizing the energy modality. The two sessions will be facilitated around 4-6 weeks apart depending on the unique circumstances of the energy integration for each participant. When booking this service the recipient will be selecting only the date for the first session, the second will be coordinated between the recipient and the practitioner and booked manually at a later point.

Extended Mentorship Option:

For those wishing to extend the mentorship aspect of this service beyond the initial two sessions, there is an option to book follow-up Zoom Live mentorship sessions to further discuss the integration of the energy modality, to discuss safely utilizing the modality as a practitioner, or other unique requests. These will be available for $60 for a 60-90 minute Zoom Live call. These Extended Mentorship sessions will not include any energy healing elements, and will focus on mentorship advice from the practitioner, and possible channeled insight via their Akashic Records or the recipients Akashic Records as needed. These will be no less than 7-days, and no longer than 6-weeks after the completion of the 2-3 Exploratory Mentorship sessions to ensure adequate ability to integrate the information provided. You may also opt in to a request for a remote mentorship option in which you are able to ask up to 4 questions and received channeled responses - this will be the same cost. 

If you wish to opt into this extended mentorship option, please discuss with the practitioner before the end of the final session of the Exploratory Attunement Mentorship Service, or via email at info@seekersevolving.com within 6-weeks of the final session. Any requests to opt into this extended mentorship option after this 6-week period will be subject to the practitioners discretion for approval, and you may be referred to the Questions with your Records service as an alternative. 

Note: You are now able to schedule these extended mentorship sessions via our Spiritual Mentorship service listing, these are priced regularly at $75, so please reach out via info@seekersevolving.com to request your coupon code to receive the service for $60. Again, any requests after the 6-week period following your last Exploratory Attunement Mentorship service will be subject to the practitioners discretion for approval in distributing the discount. 

Booking Criteria & Additional Information:

  • You do NOT need to have any energetic attunements or be a practitioner to receive this service, however we do recommend having a basic understanding of energy, how to connect with it, and manipulate it prior to booking this service in order to get the most out of the mentorship. If you have a question about this, please reach out to info@seekersevolving.com 

  • You must choose 10-15 words or phrases that resonate with what you want from your energy modality. We recommend a balance between actions/experiences/more verb-like words that you want to have in your energy practice, but also some words that are energies you want to embody or more fully embrace in your energy practice.

  • NO alcohol or mind-altering recreational substances within 24-hours before or after this session. This is to ensure that the energy can integrate safely and to the best of its ability. (prescribed medications and herbal medicine are fine!)

Examples of Words/Phrases for Inspiration:

  • Action/Experience oriented words: Akashic Records, Water, Past life in the Pleiades, Painting, Dancing, Astral Exploration, Candle Magic

  • Embodiment words: Creative, Compassionate, A Leader, Adventurous, Gentle, Connected to my Celtic lineage, Authentic


We now offer a payment plan option on our websitethis option is for a monthly automatic draft of $111 for four months, to total $444. You will be contacted via info@seekersevolving.com to schedule the first session of your Exploratory Attunement Mentorship after the completion of all payments. If you need to cancel your payment plan, or need to reschedule the payment date, please reach out via info@seekersevolving.com.