Extending Our Neighborhood

A Deep Dive into Multidimensional & Interplanetary Exploration

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Quick Details:​

  • First Course: TBA

  • 7 Weeks, 1 Written Lesson & Zoom Live Deep Dive Each Week

(Written lessons sent out and bi-weekly group healings facilitated on Sundays, Zoom Lives on Wednesdays at 8pm EST - recording will be provided)

  • Forum-style learning throughout the week for questions, collaboration, and discussion of interactive opportunities.

  • Bi-Weekly Group Healings to Ease Your Growth

  • Welcome to allIntermediate - Advanced

  • $222 (2021 price)

(First Course is available for an introductory price of $155)

Channeled Description via the Akashic Records:

This 7 week course is a deep dive into the concept and application of connecting with individuals who exist beyond the planet we currently call home. While the concepts discussed can apply to connecting with beings who exist on this planet, or in dimensional pockets close to this planet, this workshop is for those looking to explore beyond the home front in a safe and expansive way. 

We'll be discussing the history of humans connecting with beings from other dimensions, while also debunking some concepts around the topic that are racist or otherwise prejudiced, and/or have corrupted connotations. This workshop will also be expanding on topics related to current 'Starseed' ideologies, and deprogramming the white-washed savior-complex connotations around that concept. This will also include a discussion on the concept of reincarnation within planets and across planets & galaxies as channeled via The Akashic Records.

The topics will address dimensions on a nuanced and applicable level to empower the interconnectedness of us all. The practitioner will also provide recommendations for conscious manipulation of energy on all dimensional levels via their perspective of energy weaving. We'll also be placing significant emphasis on safe and ethical engagement with other beings, and how to do so while maintaining your own sovereignty and the sovereignty of others. This includes challenges to explore your own ethical and moral principles.

There will also be materials and demo's facilitated to provide context and inspiration for different methods of connecting with other beings, as well as how to find your own ideal techniques for doing so. This will of course tackle the concept of astral travel and other techniques like channeling. There will also be four remotely facilitated group based healings carried out during the course to help reduce any blockages to utilizing the information and techniques, and to provide additional support with improving your experiences with astral travel and interdimensional communication. 


The practitioner will be sharing anecdotes, channelings, and other unique perspectives based on their own experiences traversing dimensions in this life - as well as accumulated soul knowledge that has been 'downloaded' or channeled via their Akashic Records. This will include special access to their growing encyclopedia of galaxies, planets, and different forms of life across dimensions and universes. There will also be other insights and materials provided to deepen understanding into the inner mechanisms and origins of all that is.

The class will close out with discussion on how to connect with your own past lives, parallel lives, and soul family across soul lineage; with an emphasis on how to do so while staying grounded in reality.

Course Outline:


Week 1

Interactive Opportunity: Explore your Cultures connection

to other Dimensions/Beings

Healing: Restoring & Securing your Foundation

Lesson: Understanding our History

  • History of Interdimensional Connection

  • Deprogramming 'Starseed' Ideology

  • Where do we come from?

Week 2

Interactive Opportunity: Connecting to Energy

Lesson: The Concept of Interdimensionality & Intergalactic Travel

  • Lets talk about '5D'

  • Exploring Dimensional Construction &

Mechanisms from a Spiritual perspective

  • The Spirit Realm vs Intergalactic astral travel

Week 3

Interactive Opportunity: Psychic Transmitter Severing

Healing: Expanding your Perspective

Lesson: How to be Ethical Across Interdimensional Cultures

  • The Importance of Grounding

  • Safety & Ethics Considerations

  • Why Protection Matters

Week 4

Interactive Opportunity: Guided Meditation to

Meet Your Astral Guardian

Lesson: Tools of Communication

  • Methods of Connection

  • Methods of Translation

  • Tips for Discerning the Truth in the Unknown

Week 5

Interactive Opportunity: A Guided Tour into the Astral

Healing: Spreading your Wings

Lesson: Your Energy is Powerful

  • Traveling with Intention

  • Exploring through Astral Travel

  • Observations vs Interaction

Week 6

Interactive Opportunity: Interviewing an Intergalactic Friend

Lesson: Exploring a Droplet in the Sea of Universes

  • Deprogramming an Earth-Centered perspective

  • Types of Consciousness, Species, and Environments

  • My personal encyclopedia of places and beings

  • Curating your own map of all that is. 

Week 7

Interactive Opportunity: Exploring Past Life Exploration

Healing: Connecting to Your Soul Family

Lesson: Exploring Yourself By Yourself

  • Connecting to Interplanetary Past Lives & Soul Family

  • The Concept of Time and Parallel life.

  • Staying Grounded in Reality when exploring Multidimensional Realities

Certifications & Closing Discussion​

  • Final Questions and Discussion

  • 'Neighborhood' block party

  • Bidding Farewell