Fresh & Fabulous

A Subscription Service for Energetic Hygiene Upkeep & Boundaries Fortification

Service Details:

Facilitated: Remotely on the 5th of each month at 8pm EST (energy will begin integrating when you sleep)

Energy Exchange: $10/month as a patreon membership tier

Modalities/Energies Expected to be Used: A Unique Filtration Technique specialized by Seekers Evolving, which includes: Akashic Light, Energy Weaving, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Dragon Energy, Gaia Energy, and other energetic layers for improved confidence, boundaries, etc.


Background and Description:

I’ve been utilizing an energetic filtration technique for myself and clients over the past few months, and enhancing it over time to make it more thorough and empowering. This technique essentially runs your energy through a multi-layered energetic filter to remove foreign energy, stagnation, corruption, distortions, etc from a spherical perspective. This is a safe but deep cleansing and harmonization method that addresses the energy body on both a cellular and frequency level. The purpose is to help you maintain your energetic integrity and autonomy by clearing any debris that either isn’t yours or isn't aligned with your highest and greatest good. (For example, a safe form of energetic cording might be between a mother and a young child, though that still varies.) This process of restoring autonomy to the energy body also improves confidence and ease with understanding your own energy and your own authentic voice - as it isn't distorted by foreign energy and/or the expectations of others. There are also specific layers added for the purpose of enforcing energetic boundaries, overall energetic harmonization, and restoring compassion, joy, and confidence into the energy body.


It's also important to note, that the reason this is being provided as a monthly subscription, is because the filter will only clear the layers and depths that are safe and in perfect alignment for you to clear at that time, therefore over time the filters will be able to clear deeper layers of your energy body from distortions and foreign energy. In addition, picking up foreign energy debris is something that is simply common as part of our human experiences. Encountering individuals at work or the grocery store, surfing social media, visiting a troublesome family member, or exploring the astral, can all potentially leave energetic debris in your energy field (think of it like accidentally picking up dust or a strangers piece of hair). The purpose of this subscription is to support participants with consistently maintaining energetic autonomy so that these pieces of debris do not build up and cause more significant issues, and to also safely and deeply restore autonomy and confidence at a manageable pace that will not interfere with other healings or experiences you are having. We recognize that sometimes life gets busy, and not everyone is at a place in their spiritual practice where they consistently engage with energetic hygiene practices or feel confident in their skills to do so. Even if you are a skilled practitioner, it is always beneficial to have another perspective, and then sometimes it's just more convenient to have a helping hand. This service is meant to be accessible to everyone and to have consistent benefits for individuals of all skill levels. This service would even be great to gift to a partner or friend (with their consent of course!).

The filters are intended to clear & transmute: most energetic cords, astral debris, most entity attachments, expectation energy, energies creating distorted perceptions, etc


The filters are intended to harmonize: energy portals, grounding connection, aura layers, perspectives, energetic pathways, etc



What is received each month:

There will not be a separate report provided for this service each month, as the beauty of this service is in it's straightforward approach. I will simply be connecting with each individuals energetic presence via The Akashic Records in my standard healing space used for group healings, and I will form the filter, and have each participant step through the filter. However, I will be sending out an email on the 6th of each month confirming that the session has been completed. If I have made any upgrades or changes to the filter, or if I notice anything unique during the session, I will make note of that in the email. In addition, it has been suggested by my Records to also provide 3-4 journal prompts each month along with the confirmation email. These prompts will either be gathered from pulling oracle cards with questions while under the guidance of the Akashic Records, or I will channel questions via The Akashic Records. This was recommended as a way for participants to more actively engage in the energy clearing and to have a more tangible way of processing the energy clearing throughout the month. These questions are meant to inspire self-reflection, light shadow work, and a mode for empowerment. It is of course optional to engage with these questions, but should be a fun and inspiring bonus feature of this service!


Please Note: I facilitate an energetic cleansing and harmonization process before any session I facilitate, to include smoke cleansing, akashic light submersion, force of will intention setting, as well as the incorporation of many physical protective elements in the home I conduct my sessions in. In addition, I also utilize this same filtration technique on myself frequently to maintain my energetic sovereignty and wellbeing.