Healer Spotlight of The Month

with Tori Hanna 


Meet Tori:

The Tree Whisperer

Tori is an exceptional energy healer that specializes in light body work with a flair for aiding others in empowering their own infinite reality and potential. She has a bright and compassionate energy that is perfect for safely exploring the multidimensional layers of all that you are. She is also a teacher, and currently offers a course to learn how to empower yourself via light body work in unique and personal methods. She also works closely with the flower of life and tree of life, adept at engaging with the energy of expansion in her work and in her perspective. This is, in part, where her personal nickname has arisen from as The Tree Whisperer. She is innately in tune with Gaia energy, and the energy of trees - as well as the energetic expression of trees inherent to the concept of grounding and expanding into the world. We are thrilled to have her as our Healer's Spotlight of the month, and to showcase her perspective and techniques in collaboration with our founding practitioner, Kari, in our unique menu of service and product offerings!

Limited Edition Offerings from 05/01 - 05/31 

Seminar on Connecting to Gaia and the  Hidden Powers of Grounding


May 29th & 30th

6:00 pm EST

via Zoom

Energy Exchange: $55

Do you ever find yourself doing standard grounding techniques without fully understanding why you're doing it? or how it works? Or perhaps you understand the general purpose, but you find yourself doing it as part of a routine without fully appreciating the process and the purpose. 

This seminar will be diving deeply into the nuance and multidimensional purpose of grounding, to uncover hidden benefits and meaning behind the practice that are not commonly discussed or understood. This seminar is sure to provide perspectives and insight that are new and inspiring, to refresh your appreciation for grounding in your everyday experiences!

We will also be exploring how the process of grounding aids in connecting to Gaia, the energetic embodiment of Earth, and other techniques and perspectives for how to explore your own unique bond with Gaia - and why everyone should! This will also touch on connecting to and understanding the value of other beings that dwell on Earth with us, like our furry, feathered, and scaled friends - as well as our plant friends, the souls within stones and shells, and even the elemental energies and other energetic beings that dwell here!


For this two day seminar, we will be providing a written pdf document on the more foundational basics of the topic, with some channeled content and a guided meditation included, a live discussion and expansion of the topics, and a Q&A portion. In addition, a copy of the Zoom lives will be recorded and sent out to everyone that books this Seminar to be able to reference indefinitely - and for those who may be unable to attend the Seminar live.


This will be a fun and inspiring Seminar that we are thrilled to share with you all! 

As a special treat, once booking this Seminar you will be sent a special coupon code for 15% off of the Gaia Connection Oil that is a special part of this collaboration as well! Book the seminar early this month to have your Oil shipped to you in time for the Seminar! 

Please allow 24-hours from booking to receive the coupon code via the email provided at checkout, and please allow extra time for shipping if you are International!

Multidimensional House Healings with Tori & Kari


Prices Vary, see consultation form for details.

This service is essentially a deep energetic reset and harmonization of arguably the most important space you are connected to - your home. We have both spent many months preparing to offer this service as it is incredibly energy intensive and requires many forms of energy work to effectively and safely bring your home to it's most harmonious 'setting.' This service also allows us to utilize some of our specialty healing modalities and techniques to make your home feel as safe and comfortable as is possible.   

A few of the things we address in our multidimensional house healings:

  • Portal Sealing

  • Clearing of any malicious or stagnant energy

  • Addressing any energetic beings dwelling in the home as is in alignment

  • Enforcing energetic protections and boundaries

  • Harmonizing the energy to be more comforting, inspiring, and joyful

  • Addressing each dimensional layer of the home 

Possible results of the multidimensional house healings:

  • Sleeping more peacefully 

  • Feeling more safe to express yourself in the home

  • Engaging in more productive and inspired behaviors in the home

  • More easily finding missing items/not losing items as often

  • Having a more engaged and harmonious bond with the home

  • Experiencing less foreign energy interference 

  • Attracting more abundance into the home


Due to the many different shapes, sizes, and needs of homes, this service does not have a set price. Instead, you will be asked to complete a consultation form so that we will be able to gauge and quote you a price (starting price is 350 +). As we find this to be a service with significant need, we do offer payment plan options by request via info@seekersevolving.com in order to better accommodate all individuals. 

Please note: You will be required to provide confirmation of consent from all individuals who live in the home, as the multidimensional house healing will impact anyone who lives in the home. 

**If you are interested in having a healing done on a business/office space please reach out via info@seekersevolving.com**

Pet Relationship Insight and Healing Bundle

Personalized Pet AR Message: $55

Pet Relationship Healing: $89

Bundle Deal: $121

This service collaboration is a perfect opportunity to dive deeper into your relationship with the special pet(s) in your life. We will be highlighting two specialty services from each of us to give you the most out of the insight and healing needed to connect more deeply with your furry, feathered, or scaled loved ones. Kari will be facilitating her Personalized Akashic Records Message, and Tori will be facilitating a Light body healing for the bond between you and the chosen pet. You may book these services separately via each practitioner websites, or book the bundle special via Seekers Evolving this month only. 

Personalized Pet AR Message, with Kari:

A uniquely tailored service just for this Healer's Spotlight special to connect you with your pets Akashic Records in order to provide you with a personal letter from your pet and their Record Keeper with whatever messages that they feel you most need to hear from them at the time of this booking. These can be incredibly unique and heart touching letters, and the standard Personalized AR Messages are one of the most popular services here at Seekers Evolving. The messages and insights provided can vary from words of affirmation, guidances for how to better care for your pet or understand their personality/needs, and even insight about past life connections. The letter will vary between 1-3 pages that will be typed via automatic writing and delivered to the email provided at checkout within 72-hours from the scheduled booking date/time. You will be asked to provide the name of your pet in the booking form, and if for any reason the practitioner is unable to connect to your pets Akashic Records, you will be provided a refund. 

Pet Relationship Healing, with Tori: 

This is a light body healing meant to strengthen the bond between you and your beloved furry baby. This healing will utilize the modalities flower of life, tree of life, Akashic Light, Eloium energy, Gaia energy and more and will be performed alongside any aligned beings under the Akashic Light, such as Gaia herself. Both you and your pet will need to be present during the live healing held via Zoom unless accommodations are needed which can be addressed separately over DM or email. This healing is meant to strengthen your knowingness of the needs of your pet and align you with fulfilling their needs with more ease. This healing is meant to strengthen the bond and connection between you both so that interactions cater more to the individual needs of both you and your pet harmoniously. This can manifest as a strengthening of your telepathic communication, you may have a stronger knowingness of what your pet needs, your pet may become more physically loving and listen more to you, etc. This healing is for those who wish to strengthen a lacking connection with their pet as well as for those who already bond well with their pet and would simply like to strengthen that which already exists. In my experience, it can mean a lot to your pet to try and communicate with them and/or cater more to their needs as humans often forget the sovereignty, individuality and uniqueness of animals, that is just as wide-ranged as humans. If your pet struggles with anxiety or is often unwelcoming of a closer relationship, this healing can assist in the understanding and communication between you both. Your pet will need to consent to this healing as well, as they deserve to make their own choices and have sovereignty in that. That will be addressed at the beginning of the healing. If your pet does not consent, you will be refunded your money. Allow me to facilitate the strengthening of a sacred connection between you and your beloved furry friend.

Intertwining Hands with Gaia

- A Group Based Healing


Facilitated: Remotely

05/21 @ 8pm EST

Energy Exchange: $18.88

Modalities expected to be used: Akashic Light, The Light Body, Energy Weaving, Elemental Energy, Gaia Energy, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, and others as needed. 


This group-based light body healing is meant to align you to the needs of Gaia as well as strengthen your bond and allow you to more deeply understand your connection to our mother planet. This healing is meant to cause ripple waves through the recipients to surrounding people and into the larger collective population in order to more fully align Gaia’s inhabitants with herself to experience a more harmonious relationship and live in tandem with our planet. Gaia has been lacking in her needs from the children she gives to and this healing will assist in stabilizing and harmonizing that relationship. This healing has the potential to not only connect you more deeply with Gaia, but also with beings which sprout from Gaia, such as plants or plant spirits, trees or tree spirits, animals, elemental energies, other beings that dwell on this planet, and perhaps even fellow humans. This group healing may unlock certain tools or abilities which can assist in tending to Gaia or protecting Gaia. This group healing may unlock past life memories which can be beneficial to the support of Gaia in this lifetime. Gaia would like to more deeply connect with her many children and this healing can assist in the communication needed to be had for deeper understanding and receiving the most love and nurturing energy from her and to solidify a more mutually beneficial relationship. This beautiful planet who gives so much to us deserves to also be nurtured and supported. The more we are able to connect to and support to Gaia energy, the more balance we will be able to find in our own lives and nurturing our needs, as our human bodies are reflected through Gaia.


This group based healing will be heavily centered on The Light Body and Energy Weaving, and therefore we will be healing on a cellular level, and a multidimensional level. This is a very deep and nuanced form of healing, and will address any blockages or disconnections to Gaia energy from a micro to a macro level. Our light bodies will also temporarily activate your own light body which will carry out additional healings (like energy portal/chakra balancing, aura clearing, etc) following this group healing until finished, and then it will essentially de-activate. Energy will also be addressed on every dimensional energy layer of your energy bodies, which may trigger expanded connection to the infiniteness of your own soul and energy. This will also be able to better address any past life traumas or energetic imbalances that leave you feeling unable to fully connect to earth (eg: difficulty grounding, or feeling like you do not belong on earth). This will also be able to more safely reconnect you with any soul gifts for working with Gaia/Earth energy.


For this month's collaboration, our special offerings are focused on the topic of "Becoming Warriors for Gaia." The concept was brought forward via The Akashic Records and Gaia herself to serve important functions that will aid you each individually and as a collective. The focus is on embodying the self more fully, in order to connect to and navigate the world we live in with more ease and understanding. There's a special emphasis in the collaboration menu below on healing the spaces we dwell in so that is easier, safer, and more fulfilling to embody ourselves, and also to connect more deeply with the other beings that we are connected to on this planet we call home. These services have been specially curated and developed over several months, and we are very pleased to bring them to you now for the betterment of the individual and the collective! 

In order to better honor Gaia and to fulfill a heart mission of Seekers Evolving, we will be donating 5% of all purchases made from these Healer's Spotlight services & products this month to the Indigenous Environmental Network; a collection of indigenous activists taking action to educate and make changes that will aid in the conservation and restoration of the sovereignty of Earth (particularly North and South America). Find out more about their mission and campaigns here

Gaia Connection Oil    $28

We have also collaborated on a special oil that has been infused with multiple layers of energetic empowerment via the light body and energy weaving. It contains a proprietary blend of organic herbs (Indian Apple Root, Catuaba, Passion Flower, Apple, & more) in a base of organic extra virgin olive oil, with cleansed and charged clear quartz chips, and infused with intention to connect you with your innate bond to Gaia and Earth Energy.


This oil is incredible for aiding with your grounding practice, and will support you with rooting yourself into Gaia energy more deeply and with more ease. It will also support you with connecting to Gaia energy and other earth-oriented beings with more awareness via your own innate psychic abilities. It is also beneficial in helping you embody your own energy with more confidence and clarity, as you will be more in tune with the wisdom of elemental energies. Each bottle is cleansed and filled with love and intention. 


This product is recommended for Topical use only or on physical elements that are safe for contact with oil. Use Mindfully.

Service Disclaimer:

Purchasing these services constitutes consent for connecting with your energy and facilitating connection between my Divine and Benevolent Team and yours in order to facilitate a session that will best serve your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved. I practice rigorous spiritual hygiene before and after each service that I offer to include: Smoke cleansing, foreign energy transmutation, auric protection and fortification, and force of will intention setting. This is to ensure the energetic safety of all involved and to establish a clear and protected energy conduit between you and I. 

All sessions are created as a collaboration between myself and My Divine & Benevolent team, to include my Akashic Record Keeper. The intention for each session is to help you to nurture your multidimensionality in a safe and healing way to empower you to find alignment with your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved. 

As per FDA and State Regulations, all services, courses, & products offered on this site are listed for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to be used as medical, legal, or other professional advice.