Monthly Soul Revolution


Service Details:

Topic: 2022 Awareness

Duration: ~ 60 minutes via remotely facilitated channeled cartomancy interpretation

Energy Exchange: $50

Modalities/Energies Expected to be Used: Akashic Light, the Akashic Records, the Assistance of aligned Spirit Guides, Highest Self, etc as needed through the process of mediumship and channeling.

10 slots each month for an affordably priced special offering that is channeled to best reflect the collective energy of that month. Check back here the 1st of each month to find out what’s new. 

2022 Awareness:

This month, the monthly soul revolution will be tailored to the importance of awareness. The revolution will be facilitated as a channeled cartomancy reading to explore the themes you most need to be aware of for the year ahead. Each facilitation will be unique, just as each individual is unique. However, the channeled reading will include 12+ cards, channeled insight into each month and the general year ahead, insights into what themes are the most important for you to be awareness, and guidances for making the most out of the year. This topic was chosen for this month, in collaboration with the Akashic Records, due to the focus on individual sovereignty and awareness of the interconnectedness with the whole that will be playing out in significant ways collectively. .


This service will be carried out only as is in perfect alignment with your highest and greatest good, and the intention will be set for the information to come through in as compassionate and empowering of a way as possible - but please be cognizant of your own mental and emotional capacity as it relates to this topic when booking this service - and don't hesitate to reach out to a qualified mental health professional if there are aspects of the channeling that you feel would be helpful to explore more deeply in that way. Also, please keep in mind that the practitioner will be addressing what is determined to be the most significant by the recipients highest self, Akashic Records, and spirit team. For more complex or intensive channeling targeted to the topic of your choosing, please see the Soul Knowledge Inquiry service.


This session will be facilitated remotely via the process of channeling, automatic writing, and intuitive cartomancy interpretation. You will receive an email with the cartomancy reading via a pdf within 72-hours of the booking time. Your consent through booking this service will be consenting to the practitioners ability to connect to your energy, your spirit team, and your Akashic Records for the purpose of this service - you will not need to be actively engaged with the process other than that.