Multidimensional House Healing

Service Details:

Energy Exchange: $350+, depending on size of the home, amount of people living in the home, etc.

Facilitated: Remotely, report sent within 72 hours of session

Modalities/Energy to be Used: Akashic light, Energy Weaving, the Light Body, Source energy, Dragon Energy, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Gridwork, and more.


This service is essentially a deep energetic reset and harmonization of arguably the most important space you are connected to - your home. I have spent many months preparing to offer this service as it is incredibly energy intensive and requires many forms of energy work to effectively and safely bring your home to it's most harmonious 'setting.' This service also allows me to utilize some of my specialty healing modalities and techniques to make your home feel as safe and comfortable as is possible. ​


A few of the things we address in our multidimensional house healings:

-Portal Sealing

-Clearing of any malicious or stagnant energy

-Addressing any energetic beings dwelling in the home as is in alignment

-Enforcing energetic protections and boundaries

-Harmonizing the energy to be more comforting, inspiring, and joyful

-Addressing each dimensional layer of the home


​Possible results of the multidimensional house healings:

-Sleeping more peacefully

-Feeling more safe to express yourself in the home

-Engaging in more productive and inspired behaviors in the home

-More easily finding missing items/not losing items as often

-Having a more engaged and harmonious bond with the home

-Experiencing less foreign energy interference

-Attracting more abundance into the home


Due to the many different shapes, sizes, and needs of homes, this service does not have a set price. Instead, you will be asked to complete a consultation form so that we will be able to gauge and quote you a price (starting price is 350 +).


As we find this to be a service with significant need, we do offer payment plan options by request via in order to better accommodate all individuals. 


**If you are interested in having a healing done on a business/office space please reach out via**