our multidimensional readings

Information to Empower

Soul Letter

Facilitated by Kari

Receive a letter from your soul, or your spirit team, designed to give you the insight you didn’t know you needed to hear right now.

Soul Knowledge Inquiry

Facilitated by Kari

A Dynamic soul knowledge retrieval offering that allows me to give you the best I have to offer. Provide the topic you wish for me to uncover for you, and I will incorporate whatever tools and mediums needed to relay what your soul and your spirit team want you to know about it.

As with all services, these sessions do not replace the need for medical advice and do not seek to. Please pursue medical or mental health guidance if it is needed. We ask that you use your discretion to only choose services that you feel ready for, as all services have a potential to address triggering topics. 

If any accommodations are needed for these services please contact the practitioner at info@seekersevolving.com to discuss options.

If you feel called to these readings and financial barriers are restricting your ability to access these services, please connect with the practitioner at info@seekersevolving.com to discuss payment plan options.

Service Disclaimer: 

Purchasing these services constitutes consent for connecting with your energy in order to facilitate a session that will best serve your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved. I practice rigorous spiritual hygiene before and after each service that I offer to include: Smoke cleansing, foreign energy transmutation, auric protection and fortification, and force of will intention setting. This is to ensure the energetic safety of all involved and to establish a clear and protected energy conduit between you and I. 

All services are created as a collaboration between myself and My Divine & Benevolent team, to include my Akashic Record Keeper. The intention for each session is to help you to nurture your multidimensionality in a safe and healing way to empower you to find alignment with your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved.

As per FDA and State Regulations, all services, courses, & products offered on this site are listed for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to be used as medical, legal, or other professional advice.