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  • Defining Curiosity & Community

    I want to chat a little bit about the energy of curiosity, perspective and community that I've been pondering over lately, as it seems to be relevant to recent discussions. But to start my ramble, I wanted to share some definitions of Curiosity. I've been finding this process of 'defining' to be personally interesting and self-reflective, but also helpful recently for laying the foundation of bigger discussions. There are of course agreed upon definitions of terms from literary and language standpoints, but I also find that we all have our own personal perceptions of terms that can 'flavor' the context in personal use. When these personal meanings are shared with a community, it provides a deeper understanding of the perspective being shared and the content of the discussion. My definition of Curiosity: A process of engagement for the purpose of deconstruction in order to reconstruct knowledge in a personally meaningful way. A channeled definition via the Akashic Records about Curiosity: Curiosity is the experience of pursuing complexity for the sake of satisfying an internal desire to integrate deeper self-understanding. In both of these definitions, there is an emphasis on the interaction between engaging with something for the purpose of self-transformation. A child becomes curious about how the flower stays attached to the ground, and pulls it out revealing roots. This example of curiosity may teach the child how roots connect flowers to the earth, it may also teach the child about our interconnection with the world around us, or that 'there can be more than what meets the eye' or any myriad of meanings. This even allows room for deeper discussions of the harm curiosity can do when unmitigated by other factors like empathy and mutual respect. Or how current societal structures create blocks for curiosity. For me, engaging with definitions in this way is beneficial for understanding the soul mechanism work I am doing in my spiritual journey. I understand these meanings, and even channel these meanings, in a way that is the most meaningful and self-transformative for my own individual perspective. In my soul mechanism study and energy work I see the energetic flow of curiosity passing through the cyclical mechanism of inspiration and serving as a pathway into the authenticity hub which contains the governance of individual soul perspective. But for someone else, these definitions may be confusing, resonant, or spark inspiration for processing their own personal definition. But all of those reactions, when embraced with curiosity, can lead to a deeper level of self-understanding. To me, this process embodies what the gift of community is for my soul journey, and what I'd love to see more of. Community as the process of taking an individual perspective and sharing it with others in a way that evokes mutual curiosity and self-transformation. Where each perspective is valued as just that, another equally important perspective, and it is understood that through engaging as a community of individual perspectives, we are better able to support each other in deeper self-transformation - and as a ripple effect, deeper collective transformation. And even in this simplified context (and it's definitely simplified) this is just one perspective and one facet of what community (or curiosity) has the potential to be in the grander sphere of truth about that concept. As our Seekers Evolving community continues to grow, I think it's important for us to find our individual and group definitions of what that means. So I'm curious, what is your personal (or even channeled) definition of curiosity? What about for community? What can you learn from the thought process of determining those personal definitions, or even what they can tell you about your unique perspective? I'd love to hear about your individual thoughts!!

  • The Akashic Records 101

    This 101 lesson on the Akashic Records (also referred to as the Collective Consciousness) is brought to you as a gift of empowerment to help you uncover your Authentic self. Working with the Akashic Records, at least for the sake of connecting with your own records, is a soul birthright. It is something you are innately worthy of connecting to simply by existing. All souls and beings can connect to the Akashic Records: animals, fae, demons, angels, lightbeings, beings from other planets/dimensions, etc. Your soul records are yours, they are your memories, and your Record Keeper is a part of your spirit team. Yes, there are certainly considerations for doing this work safely, as you need to ensure your consciousness is connecting with what you think it's connecting to, and there is much more to the process than just what is found in this 101 post, but you are capable of connecting to your records on your own without any formal class, attunement, or initiation process. I do of course teach a class that goes much more in depth on this topic, and provides more nuanced and personalized techniques and considerations for safely advancing your Akashic Records work, but you don't need it to get started. Everyone deserves to be able to connect to their own soul knowledge, so this Akashic Records 101 information is provided here for free. If you want to go more in depth for personalizing and advancing your unique skills, keep an eye out for the re-launch of my course or schedule a Spiritual Mentorship service with me to curate your own one-on-one course about the Akashic Records. What Are The Akashic Records? My Personal interpretation of The Akashic Records: The Akashic Records are the epitome of information, the perfect google search that weeds out all of the ads and biased op-ed pieces. The Akashic Records are a primordial data base of any information that you could ever possibly wish to know, every thought, every experience, every feeling, every intention, every possibility, every… anything. All this data is stored in encoded frequencies (the “language” of the universe) that are themselves incorruptible. This means, that there is a bit of a “fail safe” coding to the information. You can only access as much information as you are both ready to know, and are capable of wielding in alignment with the highest and greatest good of all involved. In addition, I find that while the information is always based in truth and fact, it is also benevolent in that it is provided with the goal of supporting the recipient with growing. This is tied to the link between The Akashic Records and Akasha, as they are similarly different. The Akasha is the energy pathway that holds the information found in The Akashic Records. It is the energy of Akasha that brings this layer of benevolence, as the energy of Akasha is very closely linked to Source energy. When being bathed under the Akashic Light to connect with The Akashic Records, there is a shifted sense of assurance, truth, and love. In addition, when working under the Akashic Light, your energy is consistently nudged and guided to divine neutrality and truth. This is a facet of working with The Akashic Records that is so transformational and empowering, that their role is simply to guide you to your truth. This does not mean that you yourself are incorruptible, but that when working with the Akashic Records you will be guided towards paths of the highest and greatest good - it is then your choice to take them and navigate them in continued alignment. Channeled Description via Akashic Records 11/14/20: The Akashic Records are a vessel of knowledge born from the eminence of the beginning of all. The Records are a source of knowledge that are housed for the highest and greatest good of all within the entirety of the universes. We are welcoming of all who seek growth and evolution. You are welcome because you are a seeker and in that seeking your soul has committed to finding truth and resonance in your soul journey. The Akashic Records are tapped into the inner knowing and interconnectedness of the collective universes and are there to transcribe this truth in a way that resonates with whoever seeks it. We strive to promote healing and advancement of your soul’s path, and therefore will only show you what you need to see at that moment for the highest and greatest good of yourself and all involved. Therefore, you will never find information that you are not ready for, or that will cause more harm than good. Access to The Records will intuitively evolve with your soul’s evolution. This is so. As you grow, the Records will open to expanded topics and deeper shadow work that you have transcended to. The Records Keepers (such as myself) are here to facilitate and guide, and to promote a connection to the information that would feel overwhelming and disorienting if left to navigate alone upon first entering. However, we are not any more holy than you, because we are all souls and we all have journeys and lessons to take. The Akashic Records are simply a gathering point for this learning and evolution. A sacred access point of knowledge that transcends coding and frequency. We are here because we must be. Our answers are for all. Blessed Be. What are Record Keepers? Record keepers are part of our Divine & Benevolent teams (also referred to as Divine Team of Benevolent Beings, spirit team, etc). Which is how many people may have interacted with them without recognizing them as part of the Akashic Records. They are beings that have signed contracts to work within the akashic records and support with translating the information in the records in a way that is understandable and clear to you. Everyones relationship with their Record Keeper will be entirely unique and multidimensional, just like the individual. Some have only one Record Keeper, some have several. Some will see their Record Keeper as featureless with minimal personality, some will see them with changing wardrobes, or as a cartoon character, or with the voice of a favorite actor. They will be perfectly tailored to your needs to trust them and understand them, and therefore varies, and even may change over time of working with them. Personal Akashic Records This form of Akashic Records is probably what you’re most familiar with, and that get the most hype, because they are the lens through which all information in the Records is translated through. They are the record of every thought, feeling, intention, experience, and more that you have experienced since the inception of your soul on all layers of time and dimensions. Your access to your own Akashic Records will be as extensive and nuanced as you are ready to receive. This means, that your development of access will blossom as you grow as an individual and do necessary shadow work and self-expansion to empower yourself to know more. The Akashic Records will not share anything that would negatively impact you to know, or re-live, but they will also not lie to you or deceive (this is different from only receiving partial answers to accommodate what you are ready to integrate at a given time). Your Personal Akashic Records should always be used as a tool to understand yourself more fully, in order to navigate your life with more authenticity and assurance. Be mindful not to become lost in the thrill of uncovering past lives or past knowledge that you lose sight of the masterpiece of a soul that you have evolved to in this current life. Other Forms of Akashic Records: Planetary Records (contains knowledge about the planet, to include it’s spiritual purpose, how/why it was created, the history of the inhabitants, collective experiences of inhabitants, etc) Universal & Galactic Records (for pursuit of knowledge related to the history, function, experiences, etc of a galaxy or universe) Collective Knowledge Records (more general inquiries, like what is the purpose of fear? Why do birds not speak English?) Your house and other buildings (typically must be a resident, owner, or have consent of the owner to access) Your pet (must be considered to be in a role of owner, and have consent from the pet to access - eg: they remain laying down and relaxed when you ask to access them, or they seem happy and enthusiastic) Your relationship to your mom (the question(s) should be framed in the reference of your specific relationship to your mother, how it effects you, the impact it had on you, etc) The relationship your favorite shade tree has with you. Specific areas of land; eg: a lake you like to visit, a famous piece of land from history, etc (access to this often depends on your relationship with the land and other variables, if something comes up related to this feel free to ask your record keeper and see what they say!) How to Do It: Energetic Hygiene As with any spiritual practice, maintaining energetic hygiene is imperative. It helps to set the space for the session, ensures that you are safe to trust the experiences of your consciousness, and reinforces your sovereignty. Everyone has different techniques for energetic hygiene that resonate most strongly for them, and I urge you to use techniques that you feel confident in and make you feel good. I recommend having 2-3 techniques that you use to help 'cover all of the bases.' Sound cleansing with a bell or clapping your hands can be great, smoke cleansing, visualization, verbal declaration, etc. It's important to ensure energetic hygiene of. your own energy body, as well as the room you plan to facilitate your session in. It doesn't need to take an hour to do this part of the process, but simply ensure that you trust what you have done and feel safe afterwards. The Importance of Meditation, Centering, and Grounding In order to connect with and translate the Akashic Records safely and more fluidly, access is typically associated with the ability to consciously alter your state of mind. That is because a necessary component of fluidly accessing the records is the energy of ease. The biggest blockage to ease is typically overthinking; and overthinking is typically linked to putting expectations and pressure on the experience. In addition, ease is linked to neutrality. When you are neutral to information and experiences, you are able to see them for their truth and navigate them in the most aligned way with ease and fluidity. Connecting with the energy of Akasha during an access session will certainly aide in connecting to ease and neutrality. However, when first learning to navigate the Akashic Records (or even for us “pro’s”) it can be difficult to confidently maintain that connection throughout a records access session. Fortunately, there are techniques and information that will support in navigating ease and neutrality more effectively. Being able to connect consciously with your breath, pulling your attention to that simple act, will allow you to begin quieting your mind, focusing it, and over time it will act as a trigger for your body and energy to recognize that you wish to shift your state of consciousness. Centering as part of this meditative practice, will aide you in pulling in your consciousness from all of the different tasks and worries about the day, pulling in your astral body from any adventures it is on in other dimensions, and have them all fall into your core self so that your consciousness doesn’t wander betwixt and between them. Simply visualize, verbalize, or feel your energy flowing inward with your breaths to settle in your core. This will allow you to be more consciously engaged and focused throughout the process, centering will also aide in more thoroughly and effectively grounding. Grounding is the act of connecting your energy to the earth, and is commonly visualized as extending your energy like tree roots into the center of the earth. But you are welcome to practice this technique in whatever way resonates most strongly with you. This is important as it will support your body with feeling safe and confident to explore your experience with The Akashic Records. It will also support you with transmuting that stress your family member left in your space, the expectation energy from your boss, and other distracting and misaligned energies. As you are extending your energy into the center of the earth, while focusing on the rhythm of your breath, you can visualize sending any foreign energy down into the earth to be transmuted. After completing a process of Centering and Grounding, you will have begun to transition into a Meditative state of mind, you are focused on the present, you are consciously tuned in to your energy, and you are ideally grounded and centered as well. If your mind wanders, it's okay, just gently redirect your attention back to your breath. If you are not a consistent user of meditation, it is highly recommended that you at least incorporate it into your practice with The Akashic Records. This does not mean that you need to meditate for an hour before even connecting with The Akashic Records, but it should be a part of the preparation part of your access process to some degree. I also want to emphasize that you can enter a meditative state of mind sitting down, laying down, walking, drawing, or even dancing. The key is to practice these three concepts as long as it takes to feel focused, clear, and neutral. The time it takes to reach this state will vary by person and from day-to-day, sometimes it may take 30 minutes, sometimes it may take 5 minutes. But there’s a reason meditation is drilled into everyones brain nowadays, it’s important for clearing and connecting to your energy. Note: Meditation, Centering, and Grounding can be experienced differently for everyone. Not everyone is able to sit still and quiet in a lotus position and reach the feeling of being focused, clear and neutral. Explore different methods for aligning with those feelings, maybe you find it while listening to a lyric-less soundtrack, or while coloring, or dancing. It doesn’t have to be like everyone else, as long as it works effectively for you. Active use of The Akashic Records When it comes to actually starting an active Akashic Records session, discerning Akashic Energy, Recognizing it, and Translating it, can feel very different for different people. A lot of it typically depends on the Clair-abilities that are most utilized by the individual and how they uniquely discern energy. It could feel like any of these following sensations, sometimes a blend, or it could be something totally different and unique to you: Pressure in the crown chakra, top of head, forehead. A warm feeling in your heart area Light-headedness A sense of knowing A sense of zoning out (like you’re daydreaming and a scene comes into view) Ringing in ears Suddenly getting sleepy (either because your body is adjusting to the intensity of energy, or because you feel safe and that makes your body want to sleep) Getting a sudden impulse to get up and do something Tearfulness Relief, Focus, Clarity, etc. Akashic Energy Awareness Exercise: This exercise is a simple way to begin learning how to discern Akashic Energy. Begin with the energetic hygiene, centering, and grounding process discussed above, followed by finding a meditative state of mind through whatever methods work well for you. Then we recommend speaking or mindfully reading the following intention (this can be modified based on personal preferences): “I set the intention to be bathed under the akashic light in fullness and in truth. I intend to experience full conscious awareness of akashic energy throughout and around my energy body in a way that will be clear and comfortable for me, in perfect alignment with my highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved. So mote it be.” While remaining in a meditative state, simply allow yourself to be mindfully aware of where your consciousness is drawn to. This requires trusting that whatever follows your intention is information guided by akashic light. This is why the preparation process is emphasized so much, your energy needs to feel safe to surrender to the experience. Some examples of possible experiences: A tingling/prickling experience in an area of your body (could be on the physical body or around you which would indicate your aura layers) A swirling or shifting of energy Hair raising on a part of your body A sensation of hot or cold A shift in your emotional state (more calm, happy, focused, or even sad) A sudden shift in train of thought (can be beneficial to follow those thoughts and see where they lead or what the purpose for them is) A ringing in the ear(s) An inexplicable noise or voice A focused breeze A smell or memory of a smell A conscious awareness of elemental energy Catching attention of something in your space (even just a physical object) You may simply just find your attention drawn to a specific body part without a knowing as to why A cough or tingling in the throat Now consider the varying sensations or experiences that arose after speaking that intention, it may be beneficial to think about what energy center could be linked to that information. You are absolutely welcome to explore what the purposes were for the sensations/experiences that occurred but it isn’t necessary to place focus on the purpose of the information at this time, the purpose may have been as simple as just to experience and to acknowledge. Afterwards write down anything that you noticed, no matter how subtle or minuscule it seems - remember that energy work is subtle. This exercise is intended to help you recognize what akashic energy feels like to you, as it will be different for everyone. As you build up your discernment of when/where you feel the energy it will be easier to trust when you are receiving guidances from the akashic records versus another being or even your own inner monologue. It is recommended to explore this exercise a few times a week for as long as you deem appropriate in order to see how your discernment of akashic energy expands and clarifies over time. This will help to build your confidence and trust, especially if you're new to energy work, before moving into the next technique. Spherical Access Spherical Access is the technique that I channeled and specialize in as one of several techniques taught in my course. So please note that this is a summarized description of one facet that I teach. However, this is my personal preferred technique and what I consider to be the safest way to confidently connect with the Akashic Records. To initiate spherical access for more active pursuit of knowledge, I recommend first beginning with the technique and intention introduced above. I enter a meditative state, ground, center myself, and clear away any stagnant or foreign energy. (As you should do before any of these methods). I then set the intention (you can use the one provided above) to begin connecting with Akashic energy. I begin visualizing a flowing and spinning portal of energy a few inches above my scalp (though you can experiment with starting at different energy portals), as it begins spinning (usually in a clockwise motion) I visualize it expanding wider and wider - this typically leads to a prickling and tingling sensation around my scalp. I imagine an increased flow of specifically Akashic energy coming through that spinning portal, and flowing down through my crown energy portal. At this point I may start hearing my Record Keeper greet me/begin speaking, or have an increase in that tingling sensation of energy. I consciously follow that flow of akashic energy from the crown down through my Hara line (an energetic ‘core’ that runs through your body from crown to root near the spine) and through each cell in my body, visualizing this increased flow of akashic energy sort of ‘activating’ my awareness and flow of akashic energy throughout each of these energy portals and access points. As I connect down to the root, I continue down through my legs, my feet, and down to the earth energy portal a few feet below me, I’m also connecting the flow down my arms and into my hands as well. Once I have consciously connected this energy from above the head and down through the energy portals and out through my physical body, I imagine the energy expanding outwards to fill my aura layers (can be anywhere from a foot outside of your body to a whole room depending). Once I feel that I have consciously connected and amplified the akashic energy in my energy body, I will begin speaking with my record keeper, travel to my akashic records office, begin a healing session, etc. But in general. at this point, you can set the intention to receive guidance regarding a specific question or topic and bring your awareness to any information, experiences, or sensations that occur. It all depends on your Clair-abilities how the session proceeds from there; the biggest thing is to trust that once you’ve done all of that - that you are safely connected to the akashic records and that you can trust anything that comes from that moment forward. Allow your consciousness to be alerted to any sensations, thoughts, visuals, etc and be curious about them. You may prefer to speak out loud to your record keeper, or to communicate through your thoughts. Also don't second guess if you suddenly get inspired to watch a specific movie, or to go do a certain task, that could very well be your record keeper nudging you towards information or actions that would be beneficial for you. If you feel sensations of fear, resistance, anger, or other feelings considered to be ‘negative,’ it is possible that those feelings are being brought up to be released, to be acknowledged, to be explored, or for another valid purpose. Allow yourself to be open to the intelligence found in those feelings. If there is concern that you may be connecting to an energy that is not the Akashic Records, take a break, go through your preparatory practice again with more time/focus, and then try again. Reach out to someone like me at if this is persistent. Closing Out The Records Closing the Akashic Records is a personal preference, and can be addressed as multidimensionally as initiating access. Feel free to explore the closing process through reversing the techniques mentioned above. You can also request that your Record Keeper close the records for you whenever you have received the information you were meant to receive, you can set the intention to transition from a more active flow of connection to akashic energy to a more passive flow, or you can simply forgo the process all together as long as you had a solid access process that ensured the process would be experienced in alignment with the highest and greatest good regardless. However, it's worth noting that practicing closing your records can help with learning discernment of akashic records information/energy. Utilizing The Akashic Records for Healing: The wonderful thing about working with The Akashic Records, and Akasha energy, is that it can be used not just for information but for healing (and reclaiming knowledge is healing in its own way). This deserves some extra attention as it is an important part of exploring the Akashic Records in its multidimensional forms, and it's a method of healing that doesn't necessarily require attunements and is accessible to everyone. Akashic energy is powerful to utilize as its own healing modality, especially when used in conjunction with guidance from The Akashic Records. The energy of akasha is potent compassionate connection. It is not just the binding agent to the cells, molecules, and all elements of existence. It is more than just the conduit through which the Akashic Records information travels. It is a resulting energetic frequency and expansion of Source energy. Akashic energy as an essence neutralizes and harmonizes energies to bring them to their authentic truth. This can come from connecting you to knowledge that helps you reclaim or release energies, and also from connecting you to all that you are and dissolving blockages to your innate infinite potential. The energy is compassionate and harmonious in nature, and is an excellent healing modality to use in healing pursuits that require a more sensitive and gentle approach. This can have infinite applications for healing and bringing different energies, beliefs, behaviors, and expressions of self into balance. The potentials of its use are limitless, and we are entering a time where these possibilities are being made more known and actualized. I could not possibly tell you exactly how you should use this energy for healing, or all of the ways it has the potential to be used, as that will all depend on personal skills, access capabilities, and choice. However, I do find it to be the most beneficial when beginning your spiritual and self-healing journey to have the ability to bridge the information inherent to the Akashic Records to the healing quality of Akasha energy - this ensures that you are navigating your inner healing process in truth and alignment with your highest and greatest good. This will also provide you guidance throughout the process via your Record Keeper to ensure that you are cognizant of the experience and actions you are taking - and understand what you are doing and what you are healing. It will also make the experience much safer as you will not be allowed to take any actions or heal any ‘layers’ that are not yet ready to be safely addressed. Some examples to inspire: For amplifying the flow of energy in a blocked energy center (this will also aid in clearing the blockage) For severing the energy flow of foreign energy your space For identifying foreign energy and harmonizing it For identifying your own energy when it has been disconnected from you and reintegrating it As an energetic binding agent (eg: to connect your energy to more creativity or ease, or to connect a physical item or space to an energy) To charge and amplify a magical working To cleanse your surrounding, or your spiritual tools To adjust, revoke, or implement contracts To Seal in reiki work (or other modalities) to keep it from being burned off by light body work or corrupted by foreign energy Reclaiming soul fragmentations A simple technique for channeling Akasha energy for the purpose of healing/harmonizing: Connect via spherical access, consciously connect to the energy filled in and around you, then consciously guide it through your energy body and out of your hands. Visualize/verbalize/feel it moving through your hands and into the object or area of the energy body you wish to fill with the energy. Direct the energy about what you want it to do for you. You can also do this through body scans to fill any areas of stagnation or foreign energy with the akashic energy with the intention to harmonize it. - For me, I often see the energy sort of seeping into the the object/area and moving deeper into it until it is within the cellular level of the object/area - and I direct it/visualize it to essentially ‘dissolve’ and neutralize/harmonize any foreign energy or stagnant energy flow so that the object or area can work at it’s authentic and truest potential (sometimes information will be made known to me while doing this to explain why that foreign energy was there, and sometimes insight about how the integration of the energy will process or other information needed to address or understand during the process). Let's Wrap it Up Again, this is a simple summarization of a practice that is infinite in its potentialities and applications. But there is enough information here to get you started on your individual journey. Don't be afraid to curate your own access prayers, and to experiment with your techniques and practices. Again, if you'd like to talk about this more in depth, I'd love to help you take this information even further during a Spiritual Mentorship session, or stay tuned for the re-introduction of my course on this subject that helps you expand your own clair-abilities, explores the intersecton of The Akashic Records and Mediumship, dives into more advanced subjects, explores working with other souls through the akashic records, and how to do this work safely for someone other than yourself. Have fun, Be Safe, and Be Empowered!

  • August Group Healing Report

    Topic: Finding Stability & Peace Integration: Begins 08/23-08/24 as the participants sleep Modalities expected to be used: Akashic Light, The Light Body, Energy Weaving, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Gaia Energy, Flow Energy, Source Energy, assistance from select Spirit Guides (Please note due to the nature of this healing being part of the Authenticity series, there will be significant similarities to the June & July group healing reports, as I followed a similar preparation method and beginning process for this healing - with the modification of Stability & Peace) After grounding, facilitating my standard spiritual hygiene practices, setting intentions, and other preparation elements, I arrived in The Akashic Records and met with my Record Keeper and a group of Helpers. I rang a bell, and each of your astral energetic bodies met me in The Akashic Records foyer; your Record Keepers and various Divine & Benevolent Team Members met with us at this point as well. I checked to ensure that everyone signed up was energetically present, and then I rang my bell again calling for anyone else aligned with the highest and greatest good that wished to participate to come forward as well - as was permitted and consented to by the Akashic Records. As I did this, other individuals began 'poofing' into the Akashic Records Foyer and joining our group, I allowed this to continue until I was told the group had been completed. The group had grown significantly, including many other members from our collective on Earth, including several tree spirits who asked to act as stewards to spread the energy throughout their grids. There were also a significant number of beings from other planets and planes who came to be included or act as collective catalysts as well. We all went back to my office so that I could gather some tools, the room shifting in size to accommodate the large crowd. Due to the nature of the healing as part of a series, I again retrieved my reclamation orb and some other items, I opened a designated portal in my office that we each went through to be taken to my healing space for the duration of the session. Once we all entered the healing space - connected to and under protection of The Akashic Records, but also hidden between space and time - I began setting the space for our collective healing. I formed my energetic filters and stepped through them myself, before placing it in the center of the space and directing it to expand. It it expanded out, filtering through each participant, leaving bubbles to enforce energetic sovereignty over each individual, and continuing outward until it formed a large sphere around us. This filtered any 'surface level' or aligned deeper energetic blockages or foreign energy from each individual so that they could receive the most out of the more targeted parts of this group healing, and would also serve to set the 'perimeter' of the space, acting as an energetic transmuter and harmonizer for any energies released during the healing. I then created a sphere of silver light that was placed around the outer layers of the filter, this would shield the entirety of the space (and all individuals) from the perception of anyone outside of the healing space to ensure no foreign interference. I then placed the flower of life grid within the space, and throughout it, to ensure that the entirety of the healing would be both amplified and embodied in perfect alignment with truth. After the healing space was fortified, the 'ground' and space around us shifted into a fluid flow of holographic energy, we looked beneath us and found our 'astral feet' grounding energetically into the space with the help of a combination of Gaia energy and tree of life energy - temporarily activating each participants own tree of life energy to connect them with their environment and all that is. Once this was done, and all participants felt grounded, safe, and secure, the session was able to begin. All of the participants formed into a circle, with their Record Keeper, Highest Self, and other Divine & Benevolent team members forming a larger circle around them. The Facilitators of the session took place in the center of the circle for the majority of the session. This included myself, my Record Keeper, one of my Spirit Guide Healing Teachers, some Helping Beings, and select Spirit Guides - they had been invited as guests for this particular session after requesting to support with our collective healing in this session. I took the Reclamation Sphere pulled from my office, and I sat down cross legged in the center of our circle with it. I connected with Source energy, allowing it to channel through me and into the sphere. I also began energy weaving channeled symbols signifying Stability & Peace and placed them into the Reclamation Sphere. This essentially 'activated' the sphere and gave it direction on what energies were being reclaimed. As the sphere began filling with source energy, I began singing light language harmonies into it, further filling it with aligned vibrations to strengthen and amplify its purpose. The sphere began pulsing and expanding in my hands, until its energy began rippling and expanding outwards. This was the now formed energies of stability & peace, directed by the purpose of reclamation and reunion. The energy spread out through the healing space, going through each individuals bubbles, through each individuals aura layers, energy bodies, and down through all cells of their being, and as they went through each individuals primordial cells - the energy expanded out through all that they are and across all space, time, and dimension. This energy acted as a magnet calling in any shattered or disconnected bonds to stability & peace for each individual - pulling them back (where they would go through my energetic filters to be transmuted from any damage or foreign interference) and rejoined into the energy body wherever the energy rightfully belongs. As the swirling ribbons of stability & peace energy surged through the space, and through each of the individuals present, a spirit guide that takes the form of clouds began expanding and filling the space. Myself and the participants found ourselves atop these soft pillowy clouds, most individuals wobbled and toppled on the clouds at first. Most participants found themselves falling, but were immediately caught by the soft pillowy clouds beneath them and boosted back up to try again. But the more the energies of peace and stability surged and filled each individual, the easier it became to move across the clouds with ease and stability. As it became easier, participants began dancing and jumping across the clouds igniting in laughter and freedom. This process aided the recipients of this healing with feeling at peace with stumbling or being unstable, while also teaching the energy bodies how to navigate instability in a way that is fulfilling and weightless. Spirit Guide of Clouds: "Stability does not mean a firm foundation, because foundations are always changing, But when you are in tune with your inner stability, you are always able to find the next right step to maintain your foundation." The clouds slowly began dissipating and we all found ourselves back on the ‘ground’ of the healing space. I continued singing light language and channeling the energies needed for this session, as the space suddenly became still - steeped in a deep sense of calm and quiet, even the light language and energy I channeled seemed to come to state of stillness momentarily. After a few heartbeats, the energy began thrumming again, and I began channeling stronger flows of Source energy. The Source energy being channeled then began morphing into an embodiment of Source, taking form as the pulsing of energy increased more and more - radiating throughout all of us. I could see that this embodiment of Source appeared differently to each participant in the healing space, and they began walking around the space. They took the energy of Peace, twirling it and forming it into what appeared as bouquets of flowers, each bouquet appearing differently as well. The embodiment of Source went to each individual, speaking words of affirmation and validation while bestowing a unique bouquet of flowers to each person. Each individual took the bouquet of flowers, integrating them, and then as Source embraced each person, before they stepped away each individual turned into a glowing bright sun. Embodiment of Source: "Your greatest sense of peace will come from allowing yourself to revel in all that you are. To embody peace and stability, is to forgive yourself for that which shames you or invokes fear within you. I see your flaws and I love you for them, because they are not flaws - simply gifts to learn from. Finding peace in your imperfections will allow you to maintain your peace even when you are uncertain of the world - or when the world is uncertain of you. Know that you are loved, and that you are not broken. You are magnificence embodied." After each individual in the session was visited and given gifts of affirmation and peace, the energy began to soften and dissipate, and the helpers for the session began to dissipate as well. After the last of the energy had been integrated by each individual, and the remaining energy had dissipated, we all wandered back through the portal we came through, back into my office, and then back through the Akashic Records foyer. We all bid farewell smiling and almost floating as we departed on our own journeys. Integration Notes: The integration of this energy will take around 3-4 weeks, with those integrating deeper energetic repairs experiencing integration effects as long as 8 weeks. The processing of this energy will be anywhere from immediate to taking 4-6 weeks to recognize. This is due to the nature of the healing, and the way in which it restructures the cellular and neural networking to allow you to process energy in more empowering and authentic ways. You may find yourself recognizing feelings of apathy in your life, this recognition will be alerting you to shifts in your life needed to integrate the energy of peace from this healing. Finding the energy of relaxation will be easier and more fluid You may find yourself experiencing events that challenge your inner stability, and help you to recognize any harmful behaviors you exhibit that negatively impact your stability, this will also be showing you your capabilities and expanded ability to authentically remain at peace in the midst of difficult experiences In general feeling an increased sense of calm and focus when navigating throughout your life Experiencing discomfort may also occur as corrupted energies are being released from your energy body, in which case it would be beneficial to introspect on what in your life needs to be let go or reconceptualized to bring about an infusion of peace & stability Experiencing more ease with recognizing what experiences, individuals, or thought patterns bring you peace or help you feel assured about your life - this is a continuation of July’s healing, but may be present regardless of if you participated in that session. Overall, the integration effects of this healing will be as varied and unique as the participants, though intentions were included for them to be as gentle as possible and in perfect alignment with each individuals highest and greatest good. This healing was part of a series of group healings to connect us more deeply to our authenticity, and will also have ripple effects on collective energy. In addition, this will be the last group healing conducted in this format at this time. Next month we will be transitioning to a different format for our monthly group based healings, make sure to subscribe to notifications on our twitter @seekersevolving, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on these exciting changes!

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    list of services Classes Information to Empower Techniques to Tailor Healings to Ease view more Mentorship Techniques to Tailor view more Readings Information to Empower view more Healings Healings to Ease view more Group Healings Healings to Ease view more Due to COVID-19 our services are primarily virtual via Zoom or remotely facilitated. However, you can reach out via to discuss travel rates for in-person services ! Purchasing these services constitutes consent for connecting with your energy in order to facilitate a session that will best serve your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved. I practice rigorous spiritual hygiene before and after each service that I offer to include: Smoke cleansing, foreign energy transmutation, auric protection and fortification, and force of will intention setting. This is to ensure the energetic safety of all involved and to establish a clear and protected energy conduit between you and I. ​ All services are created as a collaboration between myself and My Divine & Benevolent team, to include my Akashic Record Keeper. The intention for each session is to help you to nurture your multidimensionality in a safe and healing way to empower you to find alignment with your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved. ​ As per FDA and State Regulations, all services, courses, & products offered on this site are listed for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to be used as medical, legal, or other professional advice.

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    It's our Anniversary Sale!! Take 25% off sitewide with code: ANNIVERSARYSALE valid on all purchases over $50 11/30 - 12/31 Uncovering authenticity. welcome to Seekers Evolving is a beacon to those seeking to uncover their authenticity. It is a safe space to reconnect with the highest and greatest good of all that we are as a collective. Our mission here is to provide tools and opportunities for self-empowerment of the individual and the whole. We strive for these tools and opportunities to be accessible to all those who wish to seek them, and to honor the depth and complexity of our experiences. Kari Jones, Founder Learn More Shop Now enrollment now open! illuminating all that you are Expanding Consciousness a module-style course developed by the founder, Kari enroll now! join our family; stay in the know with fresh and unique offerings monthly. Subscribe Rare Offerings Uncover what makes Seekers Evolving unparalleled. timeline healing & unification "beyond next level" This service is powerful, and by definition is meant to change the course of your soul path. It is not to be booked lightly, but if it calls to you, then it is likely that your soul has chosen to participate in the service before you were even born. view more exploratory attunement mentorship "a priceless opportunity" This healing and mentorship service is both unique and multifaceted in that it will never be facilitated the same way for two people. That is because, no two people connect to energy and utilize it in the exact same way - or they shouldn’t. view more What's New Uncover our latest and most electric offerings. This service provides both empowerment through a tree essence reading and healing by highlighting the magic held within you. This service will aid in bringing to life your truest potential just waiting to be realized. core tree expansion embodiment view more In this course, you will delve deeper into the nature of liminality within you, and within your practice, and be empowered with information and techniques for amplifying your energy and what you can do with it. bridging the liminal independent study: empowering your spiritual practice view more Collab Favorites Uncover our favorite monthly healer spotlight collaborations which became permanent. Connecting to Gaia & the Hidden Powers of Grounding download Space Cleansing Light Language Audio download Gaia Connection Oil buy now want to engage in collaborative creativity & be in the healer spotlight? open to all kinds of healers! healing is not limited to energy work; healing can take place in a variety of professions and hobbies, such as tarot reading, self-help coaching, art, writing & more! apply meet the team Cahira the Divine Cahira is a powerful energy healer and energy reader part of the Seekers Evolving team. "Cahira the Divine is a multi-talented diviner and healer. While she works full time in the mental health field, she also incorporates a strong spiritual perspective in her day-to-day experiences." CONSULTATIONS Kari Jones Kari is the founder of Seekers Evolving and the empowering catalyst for the work done from this central point. "Kari’s soul has evolved through this lifetime and many others to be perfectly equipped to found Seekers Evolving." CONSULTATIONS Tori Hanna Tori is the creative web designer behind Seekers Evolving amongst other roles. "She is adept at using her ability of sight as a guide for returning others to their core while illuminating the expansive potential that can be reached from this core space." CONSULTATIONS get in touch with the team submit Thanks for submitting!

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    Expanding Consciousness Illuminating All that You Are A Dynamic, Module Style Course New Course! Become certified in advanced consciousness techniques! Deep dive into the complexities of consciousness, energy, dimensional theory, and personalizable techniques for exploring your infinite potential. $175 Worth $350 50% Off! enroll in Module One now! Teacher Get to know your instructor! Kari Jones Teacher, Mentor, Energy Weaver, Light Body Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Registered QMHP "For me, the integration of energy healing and witchcraft has been ever-evolving in my life. This has inspired my passion to seek knowledge from unexpected places and to share my gifts with others. It is my hope that my role as the founder of Seekers Evolving will help others to find peace-of-mind and self-empowerment in order to confidently seek out their own unique paths in perfect alignment with the highest and greatest good of all." -- Kari, Founder Read More Here Credentials What You Get with the Modules: *actual assortment will vary by module based on the content discussed* 20-100 pages of lesson material Exclusive Channeled Interviews and Guidances Informational/anecdotal videos Audio-guided demos Interactive Opportunities for Integrating and Personalizing An Energetic Harmonization session customized to the lesson content and activities to help you get the most out of it. A Wisdom Exchange session for one-on-one mentorship and guided exploration of the techniques learned Full Lifetime Access to All Materials Certificate of Completion What You Learn with These Modules: How consciousness works on an energetic and structural level How to personalize your own consciousness experience and tap into the infinite possibilities Dimensional Theory and the Safe Navigation of Dimensions Safety and Ethics of Consciousness work How to Channel and communicate with the multifaceted self, and the infinite array of other consciousnesses An exclusive channeled technique for accessing the Akashic Records not taught anywhere else A deep dive into working with the Akashic Records Astral travel and intergalactic exploration Navigating the cultures of other consciousness beings Energy Healing from a Consciousness perspective A multitude of techniques and activities for expanding your consciousness in a safe, personal, and empowering way Read more in the course description below. Who This Class is For: ​ ​ Those who are ready to take their spiritual growth to a more advanced or nuanced level Those who want to expand into practitioner work with the foundations for understanding the work they do Those who are already practitioners and want to deepen their understanding of the techniques and concepts they use - or simply enjoy learning from other perspectives Those who enjoy description and the "why" behind things Those who have struggled with techniques like channeling or astral travel and want to better understand how those concepts work Those wanting to work with the akashic records in a more advanced way for self-exploration and work with others. Some Reviews from Students of Past Classes: "My favorite and most beneficial course I've ever taken. The organization and thought that went into the curriculum is evident and Kari's teaching style is unmatched. I felt so safe and supported in this class and the skills I learned here will be ones I use for the rest of my life. I recommend this course to anyone at any level." ​ "This class was amazing for looking at the ways that physical life and objects can be used in conjunction with astral or energetic practices. There's not enough emphasis on still embracing physical and witchy practices alongside energetic practices and this course bridges them perfectly. Kari is an amazing teacher and I can't wait to learn from her again." ​ "Kari’s commitment to spiritual hygiene and the importance she places on grounding, protections, and awareness are unmatched. She’s the only practitioner I trust to do work for me, and the skills and knowledge she’s passed down to me in her classes for my own practices have changed the way I work with energy for the betterment of all forever. I’ve spent a lot of time undoing shoddy work and teachings from other practitioners who were lacking in these areas, and finding someone whose work I know is solid is absolutely invaluable. I enrolled in this class a year after a traumatic experience with another practitioner’s Akashic Records class which left me feeling completely unable and unworthy of accessing my records. Kari gave me the confidence and skills I needed to feel safe and capable of accessing my records, which I now do with no issues. And her foundational practices helped me understand why my former instruction was deeply flawed, unsafe, and unethical, and in no way a reflection of my own worthiness or abilities. Kari is an incredibly gifted teacher and all-around beautiful person. I am so thankful for her and this class and recommend it with my whole heart. " Class Description The perfect mixture of Independent Learning, Mentorship, and Energy Work. An infusion of learning that is built off of the consciousness theory and perspective of mediumship curated by Kari Jones, The Energy Weaver, while empowering and amplifying your personal perspective through 1-1 guidance and practice sessions. Master the art of seeking and exploring your consciousness, and how to weave your consciousness safely throughout dimensional layers in order to utilize techniques for mediumship, channeling, akashic records work, astral travel, and more. This intensive and transformative course is facilitated via modules that are purchased one-by-one, to encourage you to learn at your own pace to build your own consciousness practice. Expanding Consciousness will feature exclusive channeled content from Kari's work with The Akashic Records, The Primordial Source, and other consciousnesses like The Architects, various spiritual teachers, and intergalactic beings to provide a diverse array of perspectives and unique insights into the topics and the inner workings of the universe. ​ Each Module includes a self-activated Energetic Harmonization facilitated by Kari to aid in the the ability to integrate the information presented and utilize the techniques provided. Each module also includes a 90-minute Wisdom Exchange session (regularly $80/hour) for personalized one-on-one mentorship to discuss the content, answer your questions, inspire new questions, and in some modules participate together in practice demos of the module activities.