Soul Knowledge Inquiry

Service Details:

Energy Exchange: $180

Duration: Remote, allow up to 7 days for fulfillment


This is a dynamic exploratory knowledge reclamation meant to provide you with deep and unexpected insight into the answers you are seeking. Choose the topic that you wish to garner a deepened perspective on, and open yourself up to receiving a depth of insight in unexpected forms. This format of receiving soul knowledge information is perfectly suited for the practitioners varied techniques for channeling and translating information. It allows the soul knowledge to be relayed in the method that can most be understood from and utilized in expanding a soul journey. The practitioner will conduct the session from the neutrality and infinite knowledge stored in the Akashic Records, and in collaboration with your spirit team. 


Information may be gathered via any assortment of the following, but is not limited to: typed channeling via automatic writing, an audio recording of verbally channeled information, video narration of an astral journey to receive information, a channeled cartomancy reading, channeled light language/energy weaving language with energetic soul memory activation via images or audio singing. 


Please Note, While this is classified as a reading, there is a possibility that the reconnection with soul knowledge can trigger energetic downloads, or other energetic integrations. 


Inspiration for Topics that can be explored:

  • Information about your spirit team makeup and what their roles are in your current life

  • Find out about your soul origin

  • Explore your relationship with a fear that you’re experiencing

  • What perspectives/lessons are you working through in this lifetime

  • What past lives are important to integrate memory of at this time

  • What can I do to deepen my connection to Gaia?

  • How can myself and my best friend navigate arguments in a healthier way? (Requires consent from both parties)

  • Why do I have trouble learning how to astral travel? How can I explore that skill more successfully?