Soul Letter

Service Details:

Energy Exchange: $80

Duration: Remote (1-4 pages)

Facilitated: Remotely via Automatic Channeling

This client favorite has transformed to more deeply encompass the spirit of the service and the reoccurring needs of the Seekers who find themselves here. Rather this is your first experience, or you keep coming back for soul letters over time, they will grow with you and give you the gift of that which you don’t know to ask for. 


These soul letters are channeled via automatic writing while in a trance-like state and connecting to the Akashic Records. I consult your Record Keeper, and spirit team as needed, in order to channel the most aligned energies at the time of booking. Depending on the Soul Letter Topic chosen, I will channel those who  are most needed, to provide the message they feel is the most important to hear related to the selected topic. This will be presented in a letter format, addressed to you using a title deemed meaningful by your team, and can be read as a letter written directly from your Record Keeper or Spirit Team to you. The length of the letter will vary depending on the message given, but will range between 1-4 pages via pdf. Please allow up to 72-hours for completion, you will receive the pdf to the email provided at checkout.


The format and content of these letters are often somewhat unexpected, and are great for when you are seeking guidance but are not sure what you need to hear about, or what questions to ask.


If you have a specific question or topic you want to receive insight on, please refer to our Soul Knowledge Inquiry


Soul Letter Topics:


    • Confidence Illumination - to help you remember what makes you shine and some of your spirit teams favorite things about you.

    • Awaken my Focus - to point your perspective in the direction you most need to be aware of

    • Show me my Blind Spot - for when you are ready to examine a soul aspect for the purpose of self-reflection and growth.