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Commonly referred to as The Tree Whisperer, Tori is known for her work with tree spirits, tree energy and the tree of life as well as her close connection to our home planet, Gaia. Moreover, she is adept at using her ability of sight as a guide for returning others to their core while illuminating the expansive potential that can be reached from this core space. Tori, herself, is in a constant state of expansion, which shows in her various interests and specialties that overlap with and grow beyond energy work, such as their design work. If looking for a safe space for growth, join Tori in The Treehouse and allow them to tend to the aspects most needed for nurturing.



branch of sight

Reading offerings.

tree essence guidance

see through my lens and unlock your potential

Take a trip with me to the truth tree; the tree that depicts the truth of who you are and what you're capable of. In this service, I psychically look at your essence in the form of a tree. I relay the imagery seen of the tree trunk, the tree branches and the tree roots and implore you to explore with me your core essence and the powerful facets of you previously unseen to inspire your vision of yourself. Comes with a channeled affirmation to be used to remind you of who you are.

tree essence guidance for the business

see through my lens and unlock your business potential

Are you looking for a sign to finally start your small business or practice? Or maybe you already have a small business but you've been feeling bored and uninspired in your work. You don't know where your next step should be or how you'll get there. Maybe you have ideas but don't know how to implement them. With this reading, I psychically look at the energy of your business and give guidance for how to realize possibilities that were once untapped.

multidimensional house healing

in collaboration with Kari

This service is essentially a deep energetic reset and harmonization of arguably the most important space you are connected to - your home. This service also allows us to utilize some of our specialty healing modalities and techniques to make your home feel as safe and comfortable as is possible.

core tree expansion embodiment

reaching new heights

This service provides both empowerment through a tree essence reading and healing by highlighting the magic held within you. We unblock potential hidden by a limited view while also strengthening the foundation upon which you stand. We'll heal the cracks in your foundation that prevent you from continued expansion into empowerment and integrate the bright possibilities held within your energy body. This service will aid in bringing to life your truest potential just waiting to be realized.

branch of healing

Healing offerings.

branch of showing

Class offerings.

embracing infinite expansion with the light body

light body, flower of life & tree of life

This course was born from a desire to guide others to empowerment in showing how to heal themselves, uncover their truth, & freely explore their potential, all while embracing the joy of the journey via light body by building a solid and safe foundation to expand as their soul calls.

connecting to gaia & the hidden powers of grounding

in collaboration with Kari

This downloadable seminar dives deeply into the nuance and multidimensional purpose of grounding, to uncover hidden benefits and meaning behind the practice that are not commonly discussed or understood. This seminar is sure to provide perspectives and insights that are nuanced and inspiring, to refresh your appreciation for grounding in your everyday experiences!

branch of grounding

Product offerings.

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gaia connection oil

Tori is a co-creator of this energy-empowered oil offered on Seekers Evolving."This oil is incredible for aiding with your grounding practice, and will support you with rooting yourself into Gaia energy more deeply and with more ease. It will also support you with connecting to Gaia energy and other earth-oriented beings with more awareness via your own innate psychic abilities. It is also beneficial in helping you embody your own energy with more confidence and clarity, as you will be more in tune with the wisdom of elemental energies."

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grounding chime candle

These chime candles are hand-carved by the Tree Whisperer with engravings akin to an oak tree and fortified to embody the grounding essence of a tree. They are energy-empowered via light body with tree energy, Gaia energy, the flower of life, the tree of life, akashic light, other aligned energies and blessed by Gaia. The candles are dressed with our house-made Gaia connection oil, also co-created by Tori, and golden mica powder. These are created for assisting in connecting to the self, connecting to Gaia, grounding your energy, and grounding the energy of your space.

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