The Wisdom Exchange

Service Details:

Energy Exchange: $80 per 90 minute session

Book sessions at your own pace, curate your own mentorship program.

Facilitated: Live via Zoom (can be done remotely by request)

Service Description:

This service is tailored for you, and meant to provide a guiding force for the many questions and curiosities that arise when on a spiritual path. We recognize that not everyone has a physical support system of friends or mentors that they are able to reach out to, and a spiritual path is an endless cycle of questions. This service is here to help answer some questions, provide new questions, and help you learn how to answer them in your own way. 


This service can dive into questions and topics anywhere from beginner level to advanced. It's ideal to think of 4-5 questions or a topic that you wish to discuss as part of the session so that you are able to make the most of the time and get the best value. While it isn't mandatory to have a complete idea of what you want to talk about in our session, we do recommend when completing the booking form to provide some insight as to what you want to cover as part of the session. This way, if the practitioner does not feel that they are the best fit for the topic or questions, that they can provide a refund promptly and potentially redirect you to another resource. This will also help the practitioner with preparing any information or materials needed for a nuanced wisdom exchange.


We highly recommend thinking critically and strategically about how you wish to use the the time and session(s), you have the opportunity to essentially curate your own custom one-on-one class with me.


  • Eclectic Witchcraft with a background in germanic and celtic paganism/folk practices

- most familiar with the use of sachets, oils, sigils, and candles

  • Customizing your spiritual practice to your unique needs/skills/preferences

  • Using Cartomancy intuitively or for channeling

  • Intentions through Symbolism

  • Energy Weaving (Multidimensional Energy Manipulation, Construction, and Transmutation)

  • Energetic Hygiene

  • Energetic Protections

  • The Akashic Records

  • Connecting with your Spirit Team

  • The Light Body (healing and exploration)

  • Astral Travel

  • Connecting with beings from other planets/dimensions

  • 'mapping' galaxies and universes

  • Dimensional Theory

  • The Spirit Realm 

  • Past Lives/Alternate Lifetimes

  • Parallel Lives/Concurrent Soul Expressions

  • Soul (fragment) Retrieval

  • Working with different/unusual forms of energy

  • Understanding your Clair-Abilities

Business Related Specializations

  • Collaboration as a Practitioner

  • Shaping Services that reflect your skills and preferences

  • Curating unique services that highlight your soul gifts

  • Transitioning from Self-Healing to Healings with Others

  • Advanced methods of infusing energy into objects

  • Making Services Accessible across genders, disability, etc

  • Ethical Practices 

  • Pricing

  • Scheduling

  • Channeling/Translating for Others

  • Guidance on determining when you're ready to start offering services

  • I've been assigned as an Evaluator via The Akashic Records, and you can schedule this service to be evaluated on your performance of a session done on me, or on a 'test dummy' and I can provide guidance on any ways to improve, and can provide validation or confirmation of your skills. (this certainly isn't mandatory to become a practitioner, but some may resonate with the guidance or validation of this process)

(eventually this business section will be added as a separate service/cost, or exclusive to Exploratory Attunement Mentorship clients, the practitioner has the right to decline discussing proprietary business information at their discretion)

Things that I would not be the best at addressing:

  • Ancestral veneration

  • Connecting to cultural backgrounds outside of the european lineages or american folk practices

  • Culturally specific traditions, concepts, and practices

  • Reiki specific techniques or application methods

  • Mediumship with the recently deceased (last 100 yrs)

  • Collective Soul Retrieval (100+ at one time)

  • Blood magic

  • fae magic

  • love magic/romance readings/etc (this is more so a personal preference)

Read more about Kari here.

Other Examples of how this service can be utilized:


  • Guidance on how to personalize a spiritual practice

  • Support with safely navigating shadow work or self-empowerment

  • Guidance on Ethical Spiritual Practices

  • Dive deep into the specifics of a certain energy practice

  • Navigating how to utilize a energy modality (excludes Reiki)

  • Guidance on channeling or intuition skills

  • Evaluations for Modalities before stepping into a Practitioner Role

  • Other Mentorship Opportunities available by request!