Timeline Healing & Unification

Service Details:

Energy Exchange: $500

Duration: 1.5-3 hours

Modalities/Energy to be Used: Akashic light, Energy Weaving, the Light Body, Source energy, Dragon Energy, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Various Grid Energies, and more.


Channeled via The Akashic Records:


This service is powerful, and by definition is meant to change the course of your soul path. It is not to be booked lightly, but if it calls to you, then it is likely that your soul has chosen to participate in the service before you were even born. 

As is hinted at in the title of this service, the practitioner will be using the fullness of their energy accessible both in physical and in truest soul-form. This means, to facilitate this session, they must be in perfect alignment with their highest self on all dimensions. Because all levels of their essence are used in order to facilitate this service in perfect alignment with the highest and greatest good of all involved. This service is priced as such, and should - and will - be priced higher at a later point. In addition, there is a mandatory prerequisite to be able to receive this service. The recipient must participate in an energy weaved cellular healing with the practitioner no more than 6 months prior to booking this service, and no sooner than 3 weeks before this service takes place. This is necessary to prepare the recipients energy for the deep and transformative work that occurs during and after the Timeline Healing & Unification session. 

The recipient will be asked to choose 2-3 words that they feel most resonate with the future they wish to create. This service is collaborative in this way, and this solidifies the decision to undertake this service on both a true soul level and on a personal and physical level. The choosing of words is in essence the beginning of the service. We ask that you think mindfully and deeply before choosing the words; you will know when they are right when they resonate and cannot be joyfully replaced. 

We will find the simplest and most resonant words to describe the facilitation of this service, though all will be perfectly unique and there is more depth that must simply be experienced to understand. 

Service Description:

In this service, the practitioner will be shown two or three timelines most in alignment with the recipients highest and greatest good. (There are always multiple paths that a soul can journey, and even multiple paths that are perfectly in alignment with the highest and greatest good; because there can be multiple paths that teach needed soul lessons/perspectives/experiences.) These two or three timelines will most often correspond with the two-three words chosen, a reiteration of the importance of the recipient being a co-creator in their reality. From there, a give and take, a balancing, will be facilitated by the practitioner through the highest level of energy weaving in order to integrate these timelines in the way that is most in alignment with their highest truth. This will occur in the form of of threads being re-structured, bound, removed, or expanded as needed until the timelines are perfectly integrated. 

This will most likely trigger information channeled by the recipients Akashic Records regarding what threads are being addressed most prominently, why, and how. This information is important to be consciously engaged in as it will support the integration process. Information that could come up are as follows: past life traumas/experiences, generational trauma, current life lessons, energetic attachments, energetic gifts/skills, soul truths, and more. 


Following the significant and nuanced process of integrating these timelines, the practitioner will use a variety of modalities to further bless and bind the threads together in an incorruptible and immovable way by solidifying it with source energy. By nature of the relationship between planets and dimensions in this universe and beyond, this service will altar other timelines for the recipient, like a ripple effect, across all of them. Because this will shift the lessons/experiences/ perspectives needed to be learned in those lives for your soul journey. This will of course only occur in perfect alignment of the highest and greatest good, as always, alignment is led by the recipients choice. 

Then, the practitioner will begin integrating this timeline core, back into the recipients energy body. This will be similar to an energy weaved light body healing, but on a much deeper and more nuanced level. At this time, the recipient may wish to lay down for the remainder of the session, or until the process is complete. The practitioner will describe or channel any additional information needed for this timeline to be safely integrated. This could include clearing false beliefs, programming, or foreign energy attachments, reintegrating soul fragments, unboxing hidden experiences/beliefs, general chakra/meridian/aura healing, etc.

The integration for this service will vary considerably as it, by definition, changes the course of the recipients future and soul lessons. But it will occur in stages, and significant stages/periods of integration will be detailed by the practitioner.

We feel it important to address, that this service is only available now, because the collective of this planet is ready for it. Ready to re-integrate their power and own their ability to be co-creators in reality and choose their futures fully. Celebrate that this is an attainable possibility, and continue working to make it possible for all individuals -the vulnerable and the strong. 

Those that choose this service know they are meant to be important catalysts in coming years, and know that choosing this service is a piece of that puzzle. When the time is right the resources, words, and will, will be there. You simply have to believe in your truth. 

Booking Criteria & Additional Information:

  • You must show proof of booking an energy weaved light body healing with the practitioner Kari no longer than 6 months before the scheduled booking and no sooner than 3 weeks before the session. 

  • You must choose 2-3 words that resonate with what you want to integrate more fully into your future.

  • NO alchohol or mind altering substances within 48-hours before or after this session. (prescribed medications and herbal medicine acceptable)

  • It is recommended that you have a qualified mental health provider, mentor, spiritual guide, etc to provide support if needed in the following weeks after this service. 

This booking requires being pre-screened before submitting payment to ensure that the criteria have been adequately met. If you have not yet received an energy weaved light body session from the practitioner, there is a bundle deal available as well for $650. The practitioner will reach out following form submission to discuss scheduling and to address any questions about the process.