Tree Essence Business Guidance

1 Hour - Performed by Tori

Are you looking for a sign to finally start your small business or practice? Or maybe you already have a small business but you've been feeling bored and uninspired in your work. You don't know where your next step should be or how you'll get there. Maybe you have ideas but don't know how to implement them. With this reading, I psychically look at the energy of your business and give guidance for how to realize possibilities that were once untapped.


Not only am I using clairvoyance to convey the most aligned messages, I will be pulling tarot and oracle cards for added context and information. I perform this service and all services within the Akashic Records and so will also be channeling and receiving guidance from your Record Keeper for this service to relay insight that is in alignment with your greatest and highest good to know about yourself at that time. For this specific service, I will also be discussing with an aligned "business consultant being", someone who has worked with business on earth before and follows earthly business trends currently. I receive business wisdom & guidance from them in my Akashic Office and relay their advice for your business to you. 

This service will be performed remotely unless otherwise stated. I will send either a typed report or recorded video for this reading and it will be sent to the email provided at checkout and will be received within 72-hours from the scheduled service date/time. Please ensure that your email is correct at checkout, or contact as soon as possible if the report needs to be sent to a different email.