Tree Essence Guidance

1 Hour - Performed by Tori

Take a trip with me to the truth tree; the tree that depicts the truth of who you are and what you're capable of. In this service, I psychically look at your essence in the form of a tree. I relay the imagery seen of the tree trunk, the tree branches and the tree roots and implore you to explore with me your core essence and the powerful facets of you previously unseen to inspire your vision of yourself.


Not only am I using clairvoyance to convey the most aligned messages, I will be pulling tarot and oracle cards for added context and information. I perform this service and all services within the Akashic Records and so will also be channeling and receiving guidance from your Record Keeper for this service to relay insight that is in alignment with your greatest and highest good to know about yourself at that time. This also comes with a channeled affirmation from your Record Keeper/Divine Team/Highest Self to be used to remind you of who you are, especially in times of feeling lost, blocked or uninspired. 

This service will be performed remotely unless otherwise stated. I will send either a typed report or recorded video for this reading and it will be sent to the email provided at checkout and will be received within 72-hours from the scheduled service date/time. Please ensure that your email is correct at checkout, or contact as soon as possible if the report needs to be sent to a different email.